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San Diego Realtor |Pay It Forward | Matterport Service Providers

Free ! Hello, everyon,e many of you already know, me my name is George Kenner i am a real estate broker in San Diego California That, also owns a Matterport camera. I use video Matterport and address specific websites for all my listings, because i believe that’s the future. Yesterday morning i woke up and i got this vision of a Matterport with fire around it. Now the reason that i do that is, I’ve always had this fear of electrical devices starting on fire. Well i was walking around drinking, my first cup of coffee, I grabbed my
Matterport off the tripod ran into the green screen, took one turn, put some fire on it and then the magic started. I took it and with, some footage i already had, I blended it into an advertisement and gave it to one of my friends. He was so grateful he really loved it, started sharing it his results were fantastic. Last night at around 6 o’clock I posted a boost on facebook for only one dollar, I had 656 organic leads and 40 paid for leads, and my dollar is not up for a matter of hours. And i thought how fantastic it would be if we all had access to that. So i’m going to make it available. I’m gonna pull all attribution. I’ll give it in two examples, or two samples. One without the hot product on the front or hot property on the front and that will be for people that are in another country, that’s not english speaking andwould like to use it. And all attributions will be taken off. It’s yours to use for free. Think of the value of this. We as a community can do this even without the manufacturer. Why not try this? Call it Matterport Monday set it up for a boost and let’s blast it out and see what happens! Why not try new things? You tried and took a real leap with, virtual tours and 3d images, why not try this? If you feel as though you should pay something for this just do a favor for somebody else. That would be more than enough to me or consider drafting a video like this that could be shared by everybody. If we can expand the strength and scope of our businesses it’s good for everyone. I wish you all the best and remember you are a Matterport camera owner, you are a visionary and you can do anything! If i can help you please let me know. Thank you


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