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San Diego Realtor | Matterport | The Best Mouse Trap

Hello everyone if you spend a few moments with me today, I’m going to explain that these could be some of the most powerful sales tools, that you can use to sell your home? And if you’re one of my Realtor peers I’m going to do a little tutorial on how I did this, at the end just as I promised. When people come to my home for the first time they ask George why do you have mousetraps everywhere? And I say because I’m always looking for a way to make a better mousetrap. What you’re looking at is a hologram of a Matterport 3d Dimensional tour like we use on every one of our listings. You can walk through the home literally in a virtual reality tour should you want to. And we don’t stop there. We also provide video and address specific websites for each one of our listings., irrespective of cost. That’s why attorneys, financial planners and CPAs, the most trusted people in your life will recommend that you have these services. And we don’t charge more for them! Do you have a few more minutes for us to talk please? Let’s get together? Would you like to see how we did that hologram? And of course all Matterports can be seen right on your cell phone. The whole display. Number one rule of any advertisement that you do, you have to realize that anyone on the planet and any industry can see thism and you want to provide some benefit to everyone, that sees it. Now I utilize video, Matterport and address specific websites, of course statistically it is rare that even a property is featured with video, let alone Matterport and then address specific websites, that are tied into the sign. What I’ve done is a little bit self-serving because if someone drives by outside of the property and sees the web address they can type it into their phone. See the video the Matterport the address specific website and the photo gallery. And they can contact me directly, so I want to drive that point home. But it takes a while to do that. In social media advertising Instagram will only allow you 60 seconds so you better get to your point, and you better do it fast. A Visual graphic like that hologram could be the lure so how did I do that one? Well I came up with the idea to do the video with the Hologram in it, but I had to learn how to manufacture the hologram. I’ll go into that in a minute But what I did is I started out with a storyboard. I took all of my basic facts that I knew I needed to do, and I summarized them put them together. I even went to the back and wrote myself some notes. One evening I decided I’m gonna sit down and figure out how to make that hologram. Integrating the rest of the pieces would be pretty easy, but that hologram it was going to be a chore. Well let’s look at how I did that. The editing programs that I use are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, After Effects and Premiere Pro. After Effects is the special effects program that I built the hologram in. And what the hologram was was several different transparency files all laid together and then animated. All I did was take video snippets or different segments and place them together. Let’s jump into the program, and I’ll show you how I did that. the easiest way to explain this is to go into the screen and what I’m going to do is, I’m going to turn off all of the little pieces. All the little layered sectioned parts, so you can see how this was put together. Now I’m just going to reverse the flow and show you how all the little parts go together. Each one of them represented by one of the little color bars. Now there’s animations or movements in each one of these pieces, all of it moves. Now this is built in what is called an AVI file, it’s a transparency. If I click that little icon right there, it’ll show you that it is built to be semi-transparent to give that holographic appearance. I take thism save it as a file, and then move it over into Premiere Pro. How long did it take us, and why do we do it? Well this entire production took about twelve hours along with the editing time to build the hologram. Why do we do it? We believe that our clients will know the difference between a templated campaign in video, that is done from an iPhone and what we do. We want that driven desire to go see more about what we’ve done. I’m gonna put a link right up here into A Matterport that is featured at one of our websites, so you can go see. We think our industry is changing. Video, Matterport, address specific websites, social media campaigns. You are a Realtor you can do anything. Oh and if you want to sell your house we could be the ones in San Diego to do it. And if you need somebody outside of San Diego and need a referral, please call us!


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