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San Diego Realtor | Great Advertising or Digital Trash | Matterport and Video

Hello really good to see you again today.
Thank you for joining me. So what are you gonna get out of the vlog, if you watch?
Wel,l if you’re a homeowner you’re going to learn about everything that Realtors
do, video Matterport, address specific websites ,and then the distribution
methods we use to share your property. If you’re a Realtor I’m going to share a
term that I heard from a photographer it was called digital trash. Let me explain.
What he did was he pointed out and something I already knew, was that you
have to have the right images in the right format. Now I’m going to show you a
motion graphic that I did that will show at the beginning of most social media
But YouTube’s a little bit different, but I’m going to show you this motion
graphic, and then we’ll come back and get right on point. I really had a good time putting that
motion graphic together and it’ll be featured is the lead portion the front
part of an Instagram ad it demonstrates that we do video motion graphics that we
have real advertising campaigns for our clients homes.
Digital trash the photographer was trying to say, if you don’t capture the
person’s attention with your image right away it’s just going to be a failure. You
might as well have it in the trash. Many agents don’t even use video, so
they don’t have anything to put in the trash, but if you don’t put your video
together properly, it’ll be a big mistake. Many agents will take and grab their
telephone and do a shaky walk around. Yeah we’re out here in this most
beautiful home, you should see this garage it’s got the most beautiful floor.
Where you can see very little of the property that’s featured and they
consider that utilization of video. The photographer called that digital trash.
They’ve actually done Studies on what gets watched in different platforms. Now
take for instance 77% of any video I do about Matterport is watched, meaning
most people go into a YouTube and if you watch 60% of the presentation you did
really well. Seventy-seven percent for Matterport
Now what does that mean to home sellers and real estate agents? It should mean
that the public has a desire to know more about Matterport and they’re
looking for agents that utilize it. I’ve said for a long time
video, Matterport and address specific websites. Now address specific website,
what that is is that keeps your completed video, your Matterport out of
the trash. If you have all these images and you have no way to present them
they might as well be in the trash. The photographer was pointing out that he
does some of the nicest work and then he goes to look for any place that it’s
posted, beside the MLS it’s just never there. The agent doesn’t utilize to the
full extent all of the media that he has. Why would a photographer call me? What he
was looking for was access to the provider of my single page website. He’s
in another part of the United States and he felt as though I would share that
with him. Well I probably would have but the reality is we build each one of
the sites independently for our client. We feature the Matterport, a photo
gallery everything’s right there. I’m gonna put a link and then the top of
this YouTube they’ll slide out all you. All you have to do is tap it’ll take you to one
of our sample sites. We do this in every price range, it doesn’t matter if you’re
one of our clients ,we believe that you deserve this. We don’t want our clients
information about the sale of their home to go into the digital trash. The
discussion with that photographer was one of the most interesting that I have
had all week and here’s why. He asked me if he could contact me after he got his
real-estate license he’s taking his courses right now. And I said why do you
want to become a realtor and he said, because the quality of work that most of
the people do in my area to showcase their homes is really very poor. He
thought that he could build a unique value proposition. He thought I was a
rarity, well let me explain something to you. I’m not really rare I have people
call me based upon these videos that I post in YouTube asking me for agents
around the country. And similar or alike agents all share the same information.
Would you like somebody in Memphis, Tennessee, that does the exact same thing
I do? Or maybe Las Vegas Nevada the number of
agents that are going to video, Matterport address specific websites all tied
together, so that the information for their clients doesn’t end up in the
digital trash is growing. It’s been a pleasure spending a few moments with you
today. And remember you’re a Realtor you can
do anything!


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