San Diego Realtor, First Impression of the DJI Spark.
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San Diego Realtor, First Impression of the DJI Spark.

If we’re gonna be talking about drones we should at least be spinning, right? Hello everybody in keeping with my promise to give you my first impressions of the DJI spark let me get started first. I replaced this Solo Drone because Solo, 3d Robotics decided what they were gonna do is come into the market really strong make a whole bunch of claims and then within like 18 months, they’re totally out of the market. I had a failure the gimbal so I had to find new technology. Well as it appears DJI through the Spark has done a phenomenal thing for Realtors. Now I have a couple problems with it so far, but I think they’re very minor and things that I can overcome. I went over to Yuma, and did a shoot, when I put the mini SD card in here a couple of the files were corrupted. Now I’m not sure whether that was related to the heat but I was shooting outside and the temperature of about 115 degrees. This was very warm by the time that I was finished. Over in Yuma. It’s not even unusual to have like your iPhone overheat and turn off automatically. Because of the temperature they’re good to about a hundred and fifteen degrees and then they shut down. So, I did lose some of the footage that I shot over in Yuma but I got some satisfactory footages, you’ve been watching is I’ve been playing this. The second day over to one of my friends house for we’ll all call Friday decompression which is normally drink a beer, and talk about everything? that’s happened during a week one of my broker friends. And I shot some video from the drone in his backyard and even took some pictures. I did get a corrupted video file now there’s a way around this by taking and running the video feed straight into your phone so that you have an insurance back up. If there’s a corrupted file that goes into the SD card you still have it on your phone. Now I figure and one of the reasons that I purchased this was I want to be able to go out and Preview a property and send it to a client that maybe It’ll location outside of San Diego County and can’t come and preview the property, is unfamiliar with the neighborhood all you have to do is launch it. Do a 360 run the video in your phone with an editing system within the phone take and text that to the client. I see that as a unique value proposition and a way to use technology that could really help both us stand apart and be a better Realtor and at the same time show our client how proficient we are with bringing the best services to them. If you have any questions please let me know I’m working on two other videos right now One is about my utilization of Matterport and where I think it’s going. I shared another video with the person that requested this information. And I’m also working on one where someone has asked me; Why would I put more energy into Facebook videos than YouTube videos? And I will explain that if you have any other questions anything. You’d like addressed in video Please let me know make sure to post anything that you’d like to on this site That is Realtor related, and how we may expand the utilization of video in our profession. I wish you all the very best and talk to you again soon. Thank you


  • mosephina

    Hi…I'm a Spark 'pilot'. Might want to check your phone video. I think it is 720p rather than the native 1080p that is recorded onto the SD card. Might be wise to plan your videos for early morning, and the evening. Both of which are known by photographers/videographers as the golden hour. The temperatures may be more kind to your equipment

  • B Drones

    Hey bud great job. My name is Brian I currently have my part 107 license and insurance on my Mavic pro and my inspire 2. I am chasing every aspect I can in the drone industry including real estate and I have a lot to learn. Father’s Day is next weekend and I am seriously considering getting the spark I have been doing all types of research to see if this will benefit me in my future in this business. I have checked out your channel and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed I do not have many subscribers as that I am picky about who I subscribe to I have subscribed to your channel because I feel there is a lot that I can learn from you and I greatly appreciate all the hard work that you put into this channel. I look forward to your future videos and learning as much as I can if at anytime you have a minute to check my channel out and critique it I would greatly appreciate any criticism that you could give thanks again!!!!!

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