San Diego Realtor – Do Not Gamble – We Use Video and Matterport for Every Home!
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San Diego Realtor – Do Not Gamble – We Use Video and Matterport for Every Home!

Out of the vlog today, what are you gonna get? We’re gonna take two fluid heads and a slider put them together and try and get a special type of reveal, that transitions into another shot. Transitions are very important in maintaining an audience in a real estate video. And there’s gonna be a couple more surprises stay tuned! Remember in high school and geometry class, they said you gotta learn your angles. I thought they were talking about playing billiards, but you know that’s an entirely different story, so here’s what I’ve done. I’ve taken this first tripod, and I’ve attached the slider, that’s very smooth on to the system. And I’m gonna modify a little bit by changing the angle of the first fluid head this allows me to get an up-and-down tilt. So that the camera can slide forward this way. So let’s put this back here for just one moment. We’ll lock it back down and adjust it, but we want another compound angle, so what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna take this fluid head, slip it on there. That allows me to take yet another camera angle and adjust this, so that when it slides up and down my camera is level or parallel and I get a parallax view. Let’s take a look at the final setup I I Want to address Justin who asked a question about all the different editing styles I use. I try and vary it up and put new components in each one of my videos. Now I use an editing suite called the Premiere Pro to edit all of my videos and what happened, and when I made a big leap forward, was when I thought back to my childhood. And, I thought of the questions that the teacher would put on the overhead projector. What would happen is they put the question up like this and then all of a sudden they’d place the transparency with the answer over the top. Well, that’s all that really film editing is. You take all these different layers you assemble them together, and they all have different effects. You could take a picture like this and then take a layer, put it over the top and blur the photograph. As oon as I came to that realization that all of these little switches and levers within the program we’re really just the teacher putting the transparency back over the top of the question. It was as if a light bulb went on. That’s when editing started to get both fun and interesting for me. Okay. Let’s go back to the transitions Transitions Three-card Monte hide the bean all of these things are entertaining they will keep your audience engaged in the message that you’re trying to deliver. Which is to bring as many people to see your client’s house as humanly possible. Now I’ve played this game a little bit and with Ed Winchester from Guild Mortgage, one of my favorite mortgage guys. He’s lost a couple apple fritters to this game So you know what he did, he thought that I was maybe cheating a little bit so he brought his own containers and a bag of beans. I don’t know that I’m gonna be able to play this anymore. Figure I could transition out of one of these into say a Matterport. I was a pleasure spending a few minutes with you today if you have any questions about Videography for real estate how to edit and you’re one of my peers, please feel free to ask. If you’re somebody that’s interested in having video matter port and address specific websites for your home, no matter the value, and you want to be treated like a king, we’re here for you. I wish everybody the best and remember Realtors can do anything


  • Digital360 NJ

    Great review and simplifying techniques for using sliders and showing how to keep the scene interesting! I was wondering, I have the DJI Ronin M and wanted to know if you have this equipment in your 'toolbox' for video production?

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