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San Diego Realtor – Crafting Video Marketing for Sellers and San Diego Realtors

Hey everybody what are you gonna get out of
the vlog today? Well I’m gonna give you a little tip on who GoPros and I’m
gonna share a video that I did for another agent. He’s becoming as committed
as I am, all the Realtors in San Diego were thinking about a video, Matterport
and address specific websites. This is a little auxiliary battery that
you can use to charge your phone, or your GoPro. It was given to me by Guild Mortgage.
Well, a little shout-out to Guild thank you very much.
Our sunsets have been phenomenal in San Diego the last couple days. I’m gonna go
out and see if that I capture anything really good. Most of you know that these
old GoPros are run in conjunction with an app, it’s the easiest way to control
them. I’m gonna set this at a 5 second duration. Right now it’s about 3:30 in
the afternoon 4:45 or 5 it’ll be dark let’s see what we get out of today it’s
sunset. Didn’t quite get the flash of orange
light or orange clouds that I would have liked to have seen this evening, but it
wasn’t entirely all bad. The person that asked me to do that also wanted to know
if I had any tips, which is why I mentioned this battery and the reason
for it. These batteries, GoPro batteries are
notorious for dying halfway through a time-lapse. This is the extension
solution that could really make a difference to you. One other thing you
can do, is, if you have Premiere Pro you can go in and make a lens adjustment so
what’s called spherical aberration, that fish eye look, can be removed and
absolutely give you a flat horizon. It’s just merely the click of a button inside
Premiere Pro CC. The sense of community and the questions that are being asked
just like the time-lapse question, phenomenal please keep them coming. One
of the things that’s been asked is what do I do during my normal day well let’s
talk about yesterday. Yesterday I did a video for one of my friends who’s
aligned himself with a brokerage that utilizes video matter port and address
specific websites I am so excited I’ve recently joined a
firm that allows me to do video, Matter port and address specific websites. Buying or selling? When you need anything call me! Kyle contacted me I owed him a favor all
Realtors pretty much travel in the same circles we have to know one another, and
those relationships many times aid our clients. I have found that it is either
at the very beginning of the day or the very end of the day I am at my most
creative. Yesterday midday I wrote down on a piece of paper the word motion
graphic, with the idea that I would take and manufacture something “without” saying
one word as quickly as possible to be placed on Instagram, YouTube, any one of
the social media platforms, that displayed what we do video matter port
and address specific websites. I’m going to share with you what I came up with. I hope you enjoyed that and it gave you
some inspiration to try doing something like that yourself. Or if you’re working
with a marketing professional to hire them to do something like that. Each one
of us is unique we all have our skills and abilities digital images are
something that I’m really passionate about. I really enjoy this and I want to
tell all my friends remember one thing. You’re a realtor and you can do anything!


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