San Diego Realtor | As Youtube Demonetizes Channel | The True Effect

(radio Static) Good morning everyone, seems kinda funny
to be shooting a video out of your laundry room, but it really seems apropos.
So if you’re a home seller and you’re wondering why your Realtor takes the
approach that they do with YouTube you may want to stick around and watch this
video. If you are a Realtor and you were trying to expand your presence in
YouTube you’ll want to see this! Now yesterday there was a lot of fear on
Twitter and other social media where they wanted to take and feed the CEO of
YouTube rat poison, and put her in a rat trap. Well, I don’t really think that
that’s appropriate before I run into the office and we start to talk about what
Mark Twain would have called, lies, damned lies, and statistics and graphs and
charts I want to say, (emphasis) I still like YouTube it has a place but if you’re
trying to really analyze what’s going on there and how you’re going to use that
as a platform to either sell your home or aid your client you may want to take
a look at the way I analyze these charts and graphs. Now most times I do a time
lapse of me setting up my studio, people like to see how I do that, mostly Realtors
but today I’m going to show you a little bit of the sun rise and go straight into
the computer. I hope everybody enjoyed the beautiful
sunrise and a couple moments of peaceful music. Sometimes a little soothing will
you know calm the nerves. Now here’s what’s going on on YouTube. They have
what is called a partners program, along with that partners program, comes a
monetization. They will pay the partner if he posts his video a small percentage
of the royalty for any advertisement. Now that really is inconsequential to me I’m
going to show you some graphs and one of them will show that over a thirty day
period I make about $18 a month. I spend appreciably more than that just
for the processing software that is required to do my videos. So why do I
want to hold that status? Some of the other benefits that come along, including
being able to take YouTube’s fabulous on screen prompting system where you can
merely tap the screen and go to another location. Now if you lose your status
there’s rumor right now that those benefits will go away. Things that
YouTube calls ” cards” or “end cards” will disappear. My ability to interact with my
clients is going to be diminished. I’d really rather not have that happen.
The first chart that I am sharing with you is from a service called tubebuddy
it allows me to compare my growth rate, based upon subscribers against any
channel in the community. I searched for the real estate channel that had the
highest number of subscribers, owned by another real estate agent and I found
that my growth rate was three times their growth rate in subscribers. But
even still because neither of us have 1,000 subscribers at this point in time
the additional benefits that are provided by being a YouTube channel
partner could disappear. If you are a realtor from outside San Diego County and you’re
watching this, San Diego County has 3.5 million people in it, and 20 thousand
Realtors. I’ve compared my growth rate against what I believe to be
the highest subscriber count’ on youtube so it’s not just subscriber count’ it’s
the amount of time that is watched. So one of the ways that you can pull this
metric is to look at the comparison of the number of times the your content is
viewed against the others. I’m going to overlay two charts and show that I
almost double that metric also you can see by reading this chart, the other site
that I’m using as a comparison has an average monthly view count of 1,800
views. I have almost double that number of 3,500 views but the important number
is 7359 that is the number of minutes that anyone has watched my content, in a
month. The new number that will be required is 24,000 minutes in a 1-year
period of time. logical analysis that I’ve shown you,
that many of us are going to lose those benefits.
Now, this next graph you’re really gonna like this one!
See all that purple that represents the percentage of people that came from
locations outside of YouTube to come and see my videos. >et’s explore that a
little, if I’ve done my job properly to this point in time, you’ve come to
realize that I probably have one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the
real estate sphere in San Diego County. When you utilize the comparison of what
I found to be the largest subscriber channel in San Diego I have doubled the
number of views that they do. When you factor in the number of people in the
amount of time that I bring people from outside YouTube inside YouTube so that
advertisers can have their products shown, you think that they really have a
great respect for what I’ve done and what I am continuing to do. But will they?
Are they going to take away the YouTube Partner benefits from somebody like me?
Is it time to look it’s what’s being done? Now if you’re a realtor, is your
coach telling you this? Are you being told to go start a YouTube channel?
Because what I’ve done working with this for years and developing all the editing
skills to use the most advanced tools just like the biggest Youtubers do,
wasn’t easy, almost not cost productive, especially when you come to a point
where what you’re finding out is you may lose that and never have the ability to
regain it. How do you start a new YouTube channel when they keep upping the bar? Is
that benefiting the big guy or the small guy? Is this a fair system or an unfair
system? Only you can decide that if you think it’s good you’ll start a YouTube
channel. Remember you are a Realtor you can do
anything if you want to contact me send me an email
I’ll put you on an email list that’s one of the things that I may lose I wish you
the very best. Thank you!

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