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San Diego Realtor – All the Tools, Video, Matterport & Websites, Sell Faster!

Every time a video starts on YouTube I
ask what’s in it for me. Wel,l it doesn’t matter whether you’re a member of our
community or you’re one of my fellow professionals we’re gonna talk about how
video Matterport and address specific websites are changing marketing. Before we jump into the meat of video
Matterport and address specific websites let’s talk just a moment about
the philosophy of real estate companies one of the largest franchises claims
that they’re a training company and that they just happen to sell real estate.
Well that’s not the philosophy that we hold. We believe that there is a “void” in
marketing and we have gone to video Matterport and address specific
websites and we’ll present these to our clients in all price ranges. Our industry
does not spend much time speaking about the negative. But I find it to be a
tremendous negative that our society is immersed in video and less than 9% of
real estate agents utilize it to sell their homes. Now in my mind there’s
only one thing that stops agents from using video and that is the cost
associated with it. If you can take and feature a home just with a few
photographs and stick it in the MLS be all done and collect your Commission. Our approach is to give as much as we possibly can through marketing.
I was recently asked what I thought the biggest change in video was going to be?
We have for some time as an industry worked almost exclusively on the
Facebook platform, however I think YouTube is about to explode.
We are currently redrafting our entire approach and channel on YouTube. YouTube
now has the function of a television channel, literally competing with
something like Cox cable. You will have that search option that gives immediate
availability to the person sitting there to search and find the realtor that they
would like to do business with. I bet you if you’re selling your home you’re
wondering right now how much more does this cost? It costs no more! If you’re one
of my peers hang on we’re gonna go into some of the specific things that we’re
doing to modify our YouTube channel and help everybody grow. what you just saw were some video
transparency files manufactured in an Adobe program called After Effects. This
is part of where we’re going with the future. If in a motion graphic you can
send the message without saying anything you can bring your videos down in time.
Of course everyone knows you cannot place a video on Instagram that’s more
than a minute long. Matterport phenomenal system and I’m not the only
one that thinks so the Multiple Listing Service even provides a link within the
system so that every realtor who does a Matterport can share it with both their
peers and the public. The 24 hour open house can be very powerful, I’ve in fact
sold multiple homes where the offer came in solely with the person seeing the
Matterport they hadn’t physically been in the home.
I have also performed Matterport services for a brokerage that wanted to
be able to show their clients the floorplan of their office. But, oddly very
few of the agents in their office utilize Matterport for their own
clients. We own this system we’re trained on this system where Matterport service
providers. We see the value. Now let’s jump over to the website now
that you have the video the Matterport even a Theta 360 tour picture and a
photo gallery how does everybody go see it?
Well, you link it to the address specific website. It’s really one of the oldest of
all the tools but when you add video and Matterport to it it becomes very
valuable. I want to say thank you to everyone that’s been a few minutes with
me on the vlog today, I know that this is an aggressive approach to business to
point out what your competitors are not providing and have the ability to, when
you can work within that same price structure is very powerful. We have to do
it our industry is changing and we’re not going to be the last ones to present
video, Matterport and address specific websites, in fact we’re happy to lead
this industry! Thank you.


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