S1mple’s House Tour
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S1mple’s House Tour

Hello! Hello. Come on in. Hi, everyone. I’m Sasha S1mple and welcome to my place. The apartment is quite large. The living room is combined with the kitchen. It’s not a secret that all pro players love tasty food. You have a large kitchen with a lot of gadgets: a kettle with switches and Wi-Fi, toaster… Do you cook by yourself or do you order in? I rarely cook because we are always busy with practices, bootcamps, trips. I make eggs when I have time, but mostly I order in after we finish practicing in the evening. So what do you usually have for breakfast? Eggs, sausages, tea, sandwiches? What else? Do you like oatmeal? Well, not really, but I eat it sometimes. What about cereal with milk? Yes, I buy it a lot but I eat it in the evening. After pizza? No, I don’t eat pizza. Show us your kitchen then. People usually cook here, but not me. There’s a toaster, kettle, various cereal, I eat it in the morning and in the evening. I have some cool cups in here. I brought this one from the US. This one was presented by Twitter Gaming. And this one is my favorite mug, no one uses it because it’s unique, the NAVI mug. I need to wash my dishes… Knives, plates, some snacks, I even have honey baklava here. I have a fridge and a washing machine here – it’s very convenient when you live alone. Why do you have two washers? One is a washing machine, and the other one is a dryer. Oh, I see. It takes only one hour to dry. I see you’ve got fridge magnets from different countries. The New York one, what’s this? San Francisco. This one is better. The best son. The best brother? – Do you have a brother? – Yeah. The best son, the best brother, Sasha, Las Vegas. I can show you my favorite one. Go ahead. It’s Las Vegas, guys. I had a blast there. Tell me about Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You have a large dining table here, how often do you have family or friends over? My parents and I get together here once a week to see each other. Sometimes I spend time together with friends here after tournaments, when we want to discuss games, have some fun, play poker or board games. Let’s move into the living room, shall we? This is the room where I spend most of the time. What do you have here? This is the couch where we chill out watching movies or playing games on PlayStation. This one is for relaxing after practice or games where I listen to music and text my friends. It’s a really cool spot and a very comfortable couch. This is my gaming station with all of my gear, two monitors, a web-cam for streams, and books. By the way, Andrew, thanks for the book! It’s great and really useful, I’ve read it twice already. These are various souvenirs from different countries. Guys, we have some exclusive footage here: S1mple is going to show you his CS:GO setup and all the settings. Over here is my lounge area where I spend most of my time with friends or watch games and demos. I also like listening to quality music and watching clips. I listen to music on my Marshall speaker, and watch videos on YouTube. I want to show you a cool track, which I dig. Tell us more about your trophies and medals, it’s very interesting. Go over each one of them. I take this one is from Barcelona. What is this one? I have some random souvenirs on the top shelf. I don’t know what it is, some soldier probably. Isn’t it a Predator? – It is. – Really? Guys, look at this Predator, it’s really cool. Well, what’s this? I don’t remember, some prize I received back in school. Top scorer of the Forward Cup. School number 105, Light House. Sasha was the best goal scorer, which explains his love for football. This one is Gaudi, Barcelona. That’s an amazing place. This is the Voronezh Cup 2014 trophy, it was the first tournament I won. I played for Courage Gaming. – What year it was? – 2014, in Voronezh. This is some old pin. This is a stingray figurine, I don’t even know why it’s here. I got this medal at ESL Pro League Dallas. Everyone got one. I won this ring in Barcelona with Team Ukraine. The organizers gave us these really cool rings. – Do you see this ring? – It’s gorgeous. – Can I show it to the viewers? – Sure. Guys, look, this is from the World Electronic Sports Games. That’s quite a ring, really stylish. Do players wear those while playing? – No, they don’t. But the Alibaba representatives handed them to us and said… – To wear them? – To promote Aliexpress. That’s a small figurine of myself. This is some pin I got in Dallas. This medal I got in Cologne, it’s the same as the one from Dallas. Then there’s this knife which I got from a fan after we lost the semi-finals to Astralis at Starladder with the old roster. I keep it here. – Is it made out of wood? – Yes. – There’s an inscription on it, From Shu… – From Shuler. These are your MVP medals, right? Yes, this is a recent one which I got for DreamHack. This one is for the top 4 player of 2016, and this one is for the top 8 of 2017, which is awful. Then there are these 3 pins. Valve give them to the players that reach playoffs. I’ve got all the pins except the Krakow one. I give the other ones away as they are not very valuable to me. This is my MVP medal for ESL New York which I won with NAVI. Which one was the first MVP medal, this one? Actually… Yes, this was my first MVP medal. Sasha’s first HLTV MVP medal for ESL One New York 2016. That was your first-ever MVP award? Yes, the first tournament I won with NAVI. After that I got the top 4 player of the year, and a year later I got this one, that one and the top 8 player of the year. That’s a figurine of Master Yoda. On the right path you are. Force. On the right path you are. Let’s go I’ll show you my walk-in closet. This is the place where I pick out my outfit for the day. There are some team jackets: San Francisco’s Golden State Warriors, ECS, HyperX, ELEAGUE hoodie, another ELEAGUE hoodie. This is my jacket; it’s pretty cool, by the way. I’ll be wearing it in the spring. And of course a NAVI jacket. Up here I’ve got my former teams’ snapbacks. There were more of them but I packed them away for now. There were more team jackets too. Liquid, HellRaisers, Flipside, all my former teams. Pants, jeans, T-shirts, shoes. I love good quality, comfortable shoes. I usually wear sneakers and kicks. These are one of my personal favorites, Nike. I got these Adidas shoes which I also want to wear, and it’s almost time. I don’t wear fancy brand shoes very often. Only when going out to the movies or to a nightclub with my friends. But in everyday life, I usually wear the Nike and Adidas ones. This is my bedroom. This wall art set is a gift from my parents. Venice is a really beautiful and romantic city. I’ve been there once, I want to visit it again one day. There’s not much to see here. A wardrobe. There are my shirts and some team clothes in there. A bed, nightstands. That’s a nice bean bag over there. Sometimes when I have more people over I drag it to the living room, it’s really comfortable. I prefer to keep the room darker when I go to bed. If I hit the sack at 5 or 6 in the morning, I always close the curtains for better sleeping. That robotic cat was probably my most useless purchase. I don’t like it at all, and that’s probably why I’m not getting a cat. They meow too much. Before we wrap it up, I want to show you my bathroom. Here it is, it’s quite big. Large mirror, shower, tub, toilet. Some shower stuff. There’s too many of them actually. My bathrobe. I wear it when it’s too cold and I want to keep warm. Well, nothing special in here either, it’s just that I got too many shower products. Also, I really like perfumes. These are my perfume bottles. Some of them were gifts, some I bought myself, they are really nice. I love various fragrances, these are amazing. With a long aging process. So, guys, did you like the vlog? I’m filming a video for our official Instagram account. I hope you got the answers to all the questions of how pro players live, Sasha in particular. Learned something interesting and new about him, and found out his PC configuration. We should get going. Our team practice is about to start, the guys are waiting for me. I’m gonna go, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of our practice against Fnatic. They are currently in good form, gotta test it. We’re done shooting, a fresh tour of Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev’s apartment is coming out tomorrow. I’ll show you around my apartment. Try another take? It’s quite a large apartment; the living room is combined with the kitchen. Yeah, a large apartment indeed. Do you cook a lot? Yes, sure. Do you cook by yourself at home? You’ve got a big kitchen with two fridges. Do you cook? You have a big kitchen and a big fridge… Or you… Do you ever make fried eggs? Well, frankly, no. What about sausages? I eat bread and drink water, there’s a gallon over there. Tell me, do you cook? Sanya, why do you have two washers? Well… What? There are team jackets in here… This is my bedroom, nothing usual here. Nothing special. Guys, my name is Alexey Kostylev, this is Alexander S1mple, we are at his place. I hope you got the answers to your questions and you liked this video. If yes, drop a like, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell button, see you all soon. Bye, guys.


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