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  • QUINT Sharky

    NOT NEW. The folks at the company ZenPlace clearly watched the 1987 movie, "RoboCop" and stole this "robot realtor idea" from that movie. Go to YOUTUBE and type in: "ROBOCOP – Back At Home." Then scroll to the 59 second mark of that 3 minute video clip. You will see the RoboCop character visit his old home and be introduced to the home for sale by the exact small TV realtor (in each main room). The dude Rahul Mewawalla is a fraud. He slightly modifies the idea by having a TV on a movable mount because he's too cheap to put a TV realtor in each room. Bizarre too. Problematic to walk next to a strange very-slowly-moving TV mount. But Rahul knew that to do an exact copy from the movie would scream "intellectual property rights fraud." At least CITE THE MOVIE and the original idea by the creators of the movie to the folks at CBS-4 Minnesota. Don't just steal-and-run.

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