Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E02 (08 Oct 2019)
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Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E02 (08 Oct 2019)

Hello there, everybody.
I’m Richard Osman. Welcome back to this week’s
House of Games. I’ve been joined by four competitors
battling it out for this trophy. Let’s meet this week’s players. They are Miquita Oliver… APPLAUSE ..Ed Gamble… APPLAUSE ..Kate Thornton… ..and Ade Edmondson. APPLAUSE What a show on Monday, Miquita. Ed Gamble bulldozed the opposition,
didn’t he? Yeah. What can we do today? Oh, my goodness. Erm, I feel like I gave him
a lot of my power… THEY LAUGH I’ve decided to not do that again. I thought that’s what was happening. I didn’t like to mention it
but that’s how I felt. Yeah. Ed. Hello. I think you won by ten points. Mm. But you did it without looking
competitive, without looking cocky. How did you get away with that? Well, I received
a lot of Miquita’s power. Oh, OK. I knew something was happening. Brilliant performance from you
yesterday, Ed. Thank you very much. The others have got their work cut
out. Kate Thornton, welcome back. Now, Ed took home the prize
yesterday, of course… Yes. ..which was the House of Games
fondue set. Mm. Happy with it? I am. I’m going to be
a little bit slower today, because I’m full of dairy. Absolutely lactose stocked. Kate, shall we have a look at
the prizes for today? Please. Here is your choice.
A lovely apron, there. There’s a pillow there.
The House of Games gardening gloves. I’m going to tell you,
they are good gloves. I tell you when there’s a good
prize. There’s the decanter. That’s good as well.
KATE: That’s nice. And there’s the scented candle,
which is not good. OK. OK? So what do you think
you’d go for, Kate? I don’t think I’m going to be taking
anything home, if I’m honest… Wow!
..based on yesterday’s performance. “I don’t want any of it!” Miquita, we need to transfer some
of your power to Kate, if you could? Yeah. Ade Edmondson. Yes. What would you take home? I’m taking the gardening gloves.
Oh, you know what? You’re quite right.
They really are good. Er, what did you make of Ed’s
performance yesterday? Well, I laid off yesterday
to give the young’uns a chance. I wish you all the very best
of luck for today’s show. Let’s take a look at the leaderboard
after yesterday. Ed, of course, taking through a
maximum four points for his win. Miquita, three points,
Ade, two, Kate with one. So, Kate, we need to see a,
a win today would be lovely. And unlikely, but, yes. Shall we play Round One? Yes. Yep. Today it is… Mouse of Games. Mouse of Games. Now, you see we’ve done there, we’ve
taken the words “House of Games”, we’ve changed one letter and
invented a whole new show, and that’s what we’re going to do
in this round, OK? For the first run,
we’ve taken a romantic comedy, we changed one letter of the title,
and we’re going to give you the synopsis of that
ridiculous new romantic comedy, OK? Miquita, we’ll start with you. Good luck. When Harry Met Sally. So that’s the original film, we’ve changed one letter
so that this now makes sense. When Hairy Met Sally?
Is it When Hairy Met Sally? It is. Good God, is it really? Ed. Hello. Here’s yours. Oh, I don’t think I know. Oh… God, I do. Can I buzz in?
Not… Hang on, Kate! Yes, if we time them out,
you can buzz in. Erm, oh, I’ve got it. Ronan Holiday. Oh! Ohh! Yeah, sorry, Kate! The older people at the end here. The nation cries out
in disappointment as Ed Gamble gets the right answer. Roman Holiday becomes Ronan Holiday.
Well played. APPLAUSE Kate, here’s yours. Oh, I can’t even remember the name
of this film, but I know it. Hold on. Erm, no. Nope? No. OK, we will time you out. As soon as you hear
the time-out noise, you can buzz in. Oh, Ed! Sweepless in Seattle. Sweepless in Seattle, it is. Oh! Ade: Oh, very good!
That’s very good. Very well done. Sleepless in Seattle
becomes Sweepless in Seattle. Ade, here is yours. We’ve changed one word
of a rom-com title. Erm… Gove Actually. Is it Gove Actually? It is. Well done. That was very nicely done. We’re going to go back
down the line now. These are great American novels. Miquita. Here’s your great American novel with one letter
of the title changed. The Preat Gatsby? Let’s see. Is it The Preat Gatsby? No! It is not. Anyone else? Oh, Ed! Sorry. The Groat Gatsby. The Groat Gatsby
is the correct answer. Groat Gatsby, Ed. Ed, it is now your turn. I mean, no idea. No, I’m, I’m, I’m not going to
even have a… Oh, I’ve got it! It’s going to be a buzzer race
between the three of you. BUZZER Ade wins the buzzer race.
Go on, go on, Ade. The Scarlet Litter. The Scarlet Litter. Scarlet Letter
becomes The Scarlet Litter. Well played, Ade. Kate, here’s your
great American novel. We’ve changed one letter
of the title. ATTEMPTING to win… No. I can’t make it work. No? Shall we time you out, Kate? Time me out. No, I don’t think I know. That is Ade. Moby Duck. Is it Moby Duck? It is not. Ed. Er, MOBO Dick. MOBO Dick… the right answer. Ade, last one in this round. I just can’t think of
an enormous ram. Erm, no. Shall we time you out? Yeah. Ed? The Big Sheep. Oh! The Big Sheep, it is indeed. I had some kind of goat in my head.
I don’t know why. Oh, really? “I had some kind of goat
in my head.” Yeah. That’s one of the new tracks
from my album. That’s the end of that round. Let’s take a look at the scores.
A big win for Ed yesterday. Is that where we’re heading today? Oh! Oh, my God.
Kate yet to get off the mark. Miquita, you have one.
Ade, you have two. Ed, already a three-point lead
with five points. APPLAUSE Let’s take a look now at what
we’re going to play as Round Two. You Spell Terrible. This is a pairs game. The person in last place
gets to choose their partner. Kate, it is you today. You played with Ade yesterday. Listen, I don’t want to tell you
how to play the game, but you can choose anybody you want
to help in this round. I love you, but I have to get a point. Ed, I’m with you. Ed and Ade, would you swap places,
please? Ed and Kate are a team.
Ade and Miquita are a team. This is how we play
You Spell Terrible. I’ll give you a series of questions. If you know the answer,
buzz in, give me the answer. Your partner then has to spell
that answer for you to get a point, and if I know our question setters, some of the words
will be difficult to spell. Am I right? That would make it a good round. It WOULD be a good round,
wouldn’t it? Cat. The answer is Cat.
Well done, Ade. Miquita, spell Cat. Here’s your first question. Ed? Penicillin. Penicillin is the correct answer.
Good luck, Kate! So, Kate, nice and slowly,
one letter at a time. How do you spell penicillin? P E N. I. OK, careful now, Kate. Yeah. C. Oh, this is tricky!
Yeah, it’s really hard. Don’t worry… Hold on… I L L E N. Is it I L L… E N. Let’s go E N. It’s not, I’m afraid. What do you think the end is? I N. I N. Sorry, Ed. It’s all right,
I would’ve got that wrong as well. Here’s your next question. What’s the answer
and how do you spell it? That is Ade. Maradona. Maradona is the right answer. Miquita, one letter at a time,
please. Nice and slow. How do you spell Maradona? M. A. R. A. Er, D. O. Let’s go with one N for now. N. Er, one more N. Oh! Just the one A on the end. Maradona. One! Oh, unlucky. Valiant effort. Er, next question. That is Miquita. Hermione. Hermione is the right answer. Ade, spell Hermione. H. Phew! E. R. M. Ooh, this is so tense. I. O. N. See, I don’t know. Yup, this is… E. Oh, he’s got it! Well played, Ade. Did that beautifully, Ade.
Well played. Next question. Ade? Showaddywaddy. Oh! Miquita, I regret to inform
you that is the correct answer. OK. So spell Showaddywaddy. Not a problem. S. H. A. What?! Ah, it is not, I’m afraid.
It’s not even an A? Ade, if we forced you to do this,
where would you go with it? O. O? W. A. D. D. Y. W. A. D. D. Y. Oh! Saw them at Bridlington in 1973. It was Showaddywaddy. Well done if you spelled
that right at home, as well. What’s the answer to this,
and how do you spell it? That is Ade. Blanc-mange. I think they pronounce it
“bla-mange” but… Blancmange. They’re saying it phonetically!
Thank you for that! We have got ourselves a player
on our hands here. Absolutely, so blancmange,
or blank-mange… B. B. L. A. N. C. M. A. N. G. E. That’s my girl! That’s the way to do it.
That was scary, though! Final question in this round. Ade? Coccyx. It is the coccyx. Miquita, can you spell “coccyx”? C. O. X? Oh, it is not.
It is actually “coc-cyx”. There’s no points here,
but anyone even venture a guess? C-K-S-Y-X? You think C-K-X-Y-X? Oh, I see. That’s tough. Is it Y-X at
the end there? Y-X. Coccyx. Great round, everybody. Ade and Ed, if you will swap back
to your original positions. Aw, it’s been great.
I’m scoring more points here! Sorry, Ade! It’s the chair. Get out of my magic chair!
It’s obviously the chair! Terrific round, everybody.
Let’s take a look at the scores two rounds into Tuesday’s
House of Games. Here’s how they’re looking… Kate still to get off the mark, Miquita, you have 3, Ade, 4. They’ve closed the gap on Ed, who’s still our leader,
with 5 points. Round Three. Let’s see
what it’s going to be today. It is… You know how this works.
Our karaoke machine is broken. We’re going to show you some songs,
but we’ll only show you the first letters of each word
in that song. But what are the songs? Here we go.
Your first song is from the year… What is the title of this song? So that’s the title. THEY WHISPER TO THEMSELVES Shall we have a little listen? This is the song… # Stop in the name of love… #
Oh! Come on! # Before you break my heart. # Stop In The Name Of Love,
of course. Yeah. When you hear it, you feel…
It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Yeah. Stop In The Name Of Love.
Very well done if you got that. The Supremes, of course. Your next song is from… Q? BUZZER
Yes, Ade? I’m guessing. Yes? Win It To Love. That’s the wrong answer,
I’m afraid. And the title is… Oh, come on, we should be able
to get this. I can’t get it. What Is…? When Is…? Wales, Ireland… Oh! Miquita. “Where Is The Love?”
ALL: Oh! Is it Where Is The Love? # Father, Father, Father
help us… # Oh, well done. Oh, well done. Oh, blimey. Thank God somebody’s got
one in this round. Yes exactly. # Where is the love? # # W-I-T-L! # # Where is the love?
The love? # Where is the love?
The love? # This next song is from… 1995. What is this song? Here’s the title.
BUZZER Is it…? Is it Never Forget? Is it Never Forget? Oh, yeah. # Never… #
Oh! No, but there’s a letter wrong.
Look. # ..where you’re coming from. # What’s the “H”?
Yeah, she’s right. No. It’s “Never forget
where you’ve come here from”. Oh! Mind blown! Yeah! It’s what…?! Yeah! Oh, my gosh! You’ve been singing it
wrong all these years. Yeah! “Never forget where
you’ve COME HERE from”. Take That, it was.
Well done if you said that at home. Next song is from… BUZZER Let’s Dance. Nice! Is that the right answer? # Let’s dance! # Oh! Well done. “Put on your red shoes
and dance the blues”. Well done if you got that. I bet you didn’t get it quicker
than Ed. Impressive stuff. David Bowie, of course. Last one in this round. This song is from… BUZZER
Ade. “I do, I do, I do, I do.” Let’s have a little listen. # So come on now, let’s try it # I love you, can’t deny it # Cos it’s true # I do, I do, I do,
I do, I do. # By ABBA. Well done if you got that at home.
That is the end of that round. Let’s take a look at what
it’s done to the scores. Kate solidly… ..losing. I feel like I’m sort of
work experience here. But look – very close between the other three. Miquita and Ade, you have 5. Ed, still one point in the lead with six points. Two rounds to go. What’s Round Four going to be today?
Let’s take a look. It is… This is played on our tablets.
Tablets out, please. Now, in this round,
all I’m going to do, I’m going to tell you some
events from history. You just have to write down the year
in which they happened. MIQUITA SIGHS
Whoever’s nearest gets a point. OK? Let’s find out
what our first question is. Write down the year
this happened, please. ED: I mean, this is going to be
an absolute disaster. Yeah, I mean…
This is going to be awful. I’m so happy that no-one’s like,
“I’ve got this,” because… Everyone written down a year? Yeah.
We all locked-in? Miquita Oliver. I just said something
quite early sounding, so… OK. ..1492. 1492. Ed, where have you gone? Strap in. 652. 652! Kate, where have you gone? SHE MUMBLES I mean…1820. 1820.
Quite recent. Yeah, that is quite recent.
That is… I don’t know.
I really just don’t know. Yeah. Ade? I’m getting the power from Miquita
and I’ve gone very close. Oh! 1475. Let’s take a look.
Who was closest? How about that? Well done! 1306. So the point goes
to Ade Edmondson. Yes! Well done, Ade. Here’s your next question. The one in Rio de Janeiro. I actually got told this
quite recently. No way! Weirdly. That’s useful. You’re about to be told it
again very soon. I can’t remember… Rather embarrassingly,
I made a film about it for the BBC. Did you? Don’t tell us that! No, for a travel show. I mean, I was
there for, like, six minutes and then you’re in the van,
on to the next location. So you’ve actually been there.
Is it…? It was about 20 years ago. Is it big? Yes, very impressive.
Is it? Beautiful, wonderful. Has everyone written something?
Yeah. Ed, what are you going with?
I’ve got no idea. I mean, I’ve said 1956.
1956, says Ed. Never know! Kate? I’m just going to go
with the same answer from the last round. 1820! Ah! I like it. That is a very interesting way
of playing the game. I like it. Ade, what have you gone with?
It’s a guess. 1926. 1926. Interesting. And, Miquita, where are you?
I think I’ve gone way too early. 1750. 1750. Let’s take a look. What year was
Christ the Redeemer completed? This will be news to us all. Ade! Ade, that’s brilliant. Very impressive. Well played.
One more in this round. Kate’s hoping it’s “What is
20 past six on the 24-hour clock?” In what year did the following
happen? Kate, have you stuck,
or have you twisted? It’s a variation on a theme.
I’ve gone 1920. You’ve gone 1920. OK. Ade, what have you gone with? 1776 was when independence happened, so, I’ve gone a few years
before that – 1773. 1773, at the end there. Miquita Oliver? I thought something
quite civilised would… OK. All right. So, I… So, I said 1912, I feel like
civilised things happened. 1912. Ed, where have you gone? I went a similar way to Ade,
but I just thought, in Hamilton, they say, “New York, 1776.” And he talks about the Boston Tea
Party, the King sings about it, but I think I’ve
gone slightly too late. I feel like Ade’s got it –
I’ve gone 1778. I liked when you said,
“I was watching Hamilton, they said “1776 and the Boston…” Kate just went, “Ah!” Yeah! Erm, what have you gone with
at home? 1773, says Ade, 1778, says Ed, and we’re in the 20th century
for the other two. When was it, and who wins the point? 1773! Yes! Oh, Ade! Really well done! You are bang on, Ade. I’m going to give you two points
for that – very well done. Whoa! After that round,
let’s take a look at the scores. Miquita, you have five. Ed Gamble,
yesterday’s winner by some margin, six points, but we have a clear
leader, three points in the lead, Ade Edmondson. You take a three-point lead
into the final round, and the final round is… Fingers on buzzers, everyone. Point for a correct answer. Point off for an incorrect answer. As always, there’s a picture,
there’s a clue underneath, smash them together,
see what you’ve got. Good luck, everybody. Here’s your first category,
and it is… Wrestlers –
those will be the pictures. There will be clues underneath. Here’s your first one. Yes, Ed?
Mr TS Eliot. It is Mr TS Eliot! Mr T and TS Eliot, well done. Here’s your next wrestler,
and your next clue. Oh, that’s Ed…
The Rock-A-Bye-Baby. Is it The Rock-A-Bye-Baby? It is – The Rock
and Rock-A-Bye-Baby. Well done, Ed Gamble. Next question, next wrestler,
next clue. It’s Ed Gamble! Ed, I’ve got no points – just
sit back for a second, will you? Big Daddy Day Care. Is it Big Daddy Day Care? Sorry! It IS – Big Daddy,
and Daddy Day Care. Big Daddy Day Care. Our next category is… Those will be the pictures,
there will be clues underneath them, smash them together. wait for Ed to buzz in, and we’ll see who gets…
LAUGHTER Here’s your first one. Ed? Didgeridoolittle? Is it Didgeridoolittle? It is Didgeridoolittle. That’s fun to say, isn’t it?
It is, I love it. Didgeridoolittle. Here’s your next instrument,
and your next clue. Yes, Miquita? Banjo Evangelista? Is it Banjo Evangelista? It’s not, I’m afraid – Ade? Mandolinda Evangelista. So lovely to say. It is, actually. It is. Well done. Well done! Next question. That is Ed. Kazoot Suit. Is it the Kazoot Suit? It IS the Kazoot Suit. Zoot suit, and kazoo, well done. Next category is… Those will be the pictures,
there will be clues underneath. Smash them together, please.
Here’s your first one. Oh, no! It’s Miquita. No, drop me out.
Drop me out! I like that! Anyone else? Ade? Melania Trumpington…Green. Tru… Oh! No, it’s not, Ade! Trumpton, oh! Sorry! Anyone else? Kate? Melania Trumpton… Melania Trumpton? Yes. Stop there. Just stop there… It is Melania Trumpton, well done! Melania Trump and Trumpton,
there we go. Here’s your next First Lady. KLAXON SOUNDS That is the end of the round. Let’s take a look
at the scores, shall we? Has Kate done enough
to wrest this…. I don’t…! Would you like to get somebody else for the
rest of the week? You know what? No.
Because we love having you here. Absolutely love it. Ade, you were three points
clear going into that round, Ed, you had a good round. Who has won Tuesday’s
House Of Games? Ed Gamble, by two points! Oh! 11 points, Ed, very well played. Second place there
for Ade – beautiful to see you off the mark there, Kate,
at the end, as well. Ed, well done, two wins in a row. That means two prizes
in a row as well. What would you like
to take home today? I will take the gardening gloves, and I will find a
willing recipient for them. Going to give it to… That
is lovely. Ed Gamble, everybody! Another lovely show –
thank you all so much. Let’s take a look at the weekly
leaderboard going into Wednesday. Kate, you have two, Miquita and Ade, you are joint second on five points. Ed, out in the lead there,
on eight – could all change. We’ve got three days to go
on the House Of Games. I’ll see all four of you at the
same time, same place, tomorrow. Look forward to that very much. We’ll see you same time,
same place as well… ..on the House Of Games. Bless you, my son. Beautiful! Beautiful!

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