Rice Business Real Estate Investment & Development | Course Trailer
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Rice Business Real Estate Investment & Development | Course Trailer

What I found is that most people, when
they have a passion for real estate, is they see an opportunity of what it can be;
whether it’s building something, designing something or taking something that’s existing and bringing
it in creatively to a place to meet a customer’s needs. If you want to self-actualize and use
every skill that you’ve learned in business school, there is only one thing, only one
career for you to consider and that’s real estate. Houston has always been a great example,
or a leader at times, in real-estate development, and obviously Rice’s business
school is one of the top schools in the country. So the opportunity to bring this subject matter together
at Rice, in Houston, is a fantastic opportunity. This course is unique because it describes
some very complex concepts in a relatively simple way, and the concepts that we
described in this course are fundamental if you want to become successful
in real-estate investing. So even if you don’t actually have
experience in real estate, but you want one day to become a real estate active investor, this course
gives you essentially the basic knowledge for that. You’ll use finance, use economics,
management techniques, use design, production, cost control
and financial accounting. It’s really the full toolkit of a business school program
that is used in the commercial real-estate business. Please join us for this eight-week online Rice Business Real
Estate Investment and Development short course.

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