Researchers reconstruct house from old Pompeii using 3D-technology
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Researchers reconstruct house from old Pompeii using 3D-technology

Our research in Pompeii started in 2000. It is still going on, but we hope to have finished
with the documentation of this city block this or next year. The use of this technology when connected with
more traditional approaches can give us the possibility of interpreting the past with
much more accurate way. And obviously understanding deeply how the life in
Pompeii was in the past. The fascinating thing is that you enter history,
you are enter an historical context. You enter a house with four or five metres
high walls. You can go in a journey back. There is also so much evidence to discuss
how people lived there 2000 years ago.


  • bobby49ist

    I have been to Pompeii Two times in Italy didn't get enough time to see entire city because 1/3 of it is still buried under ash and pumice from volcano.and most were closed to the public, I am going again back to Pompeii in August 2017, but heard some volcanoes are waking up in the Naples area where Pompeii is so really no one knows for sure when Mt.vesuvius will explode it did in AD 79.

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