Report: Military Flight Redirected To Trump’s Foreign Property | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Report: Military Flight Redirected To Trump’s Foreign Property | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • Andy Woohoo

    Don the Con man, the biggest scam of American history when this traitor, coward, liar, moron, thief was elected by the help or Russia. Trump as well as his supporters and aides are nothing short of traitors.

  • Time 4 Change

    Take money from defense to fund his wall and then send servicemen to his resort where they cant afford to stay.
    What will it take to finally get the PABOTUS out of office.

  • R A

    Americans elected a scam artist and he is milking your treasury for all its worth dumping your tax dollars into his foreign owned properties- You've been duped America- ha ha ha ha ha

  • John Jungblut

    I'm mixed on this Turnberry story.

    I absolutely believe that Trump is corrupt and looking for every opportunity to line his own pockets.

    But this story hits close to home, and (to me) is not without precedent:

    In 1999, when I was in the Air Force, we were deploying to Turkey to provide forward support for deployments into Kosovo.
    We were supposed to get our diplomatic clearance to enter Turkey while we were in the air.
    That didn't happen, so we stopped at Prestwick Airport to refuel…then we waited at the terminal for almost 24 hours before someone realized our clearance wasn't going to happen quickly.

    We had to find a place for over 50 of us to hunker down and the only place with enough rooms nearby was a lovely hotel called the Turnberry, so we stayed there for 3 nights.

    Again, this was 1999.
    So the military has been using Prestwick and the Turnberry at least 5 years before the Apprentice premiered on NBC, and 15 years before Turnberry was purchased by Trump.

  • Denis Beaubien

    What many Trump supporters don't understand is the taxes they pay goes to Trump and not the services they really should be getting. Like his business before becoming President, he's going to make huge holes. But compared to his businesses that he's propping up, you guys are on the hook to pay for it.

    Think any one that runs for President can easily say. "If you don't vote for Trump, he won't be able to become President and the courts will be able to judge him for what he has done. He has robbed you, he has lied to you, made the US a mockery around the world and everyone of us will pay for what he has done. If he is found guilty of any crimes that cost Americans their lively hood and future, I will not be able to pardon him. The time for suffering should stop now, but we won't be able to do so until we fix what he has broken."

  • Simpsons36

    More disgusting FAKE NEWS. Why does a stupid uber bias MSNBC 'reporter' state that Barr having a party at a Trump property is 'BAD ENOUGH'? Answer: because MSNBC knows that their worshipers are actually ignorant enough to believe it. Barr is paying for a family reunion out of HIS OWN POCKET, so what business is it of some bias MSNBC propaganda spewer? Answer NONE!
    How come none of the FAKE NEWS media OR their handful of ignorant supporters NEVER have anything to say about Trump taking $1 and donating the other $399,999 presidential salary to charity? How come none of the FAKE NEWS propaganda NEVER covers Trump's "LAP DOG'" Barr deciding NOT to prosecute Comey when EVERYONE in the free world knows that Trump wants nothing more than to see Comey in prison? So who are the MSNBC 'lap dogs'? Just read the comments on this video.

  • Cheryl64014

    Gee, Malcome, thanks for giving the Trump grifters the perfect excuse as to why they robbed us (once again) to enrich themselves.

  • Goman

    This Hack is sitting back laughing at the Country as he plays it everyday. He's just trying not to defend his cult following. Anyone else he does not give a dam. He's saying i can have 3 wives and cheat on all of them, payoff the women/girls, Commit TREASON (Russia), work two jobs part time President, full time crook and still get elected.

  • Kathleen McDowell

    It is really nice to see Malcolm. He looks younger or something. Maybe it is the haircut. Thanks MSNBC for covering this corruption.

  • Temüjin Trú

    This is more frightening than I care to think about. The Militaries OATH is to the Constitution not the POTUS. I pray everyday that this whole thing gets better but it's not. Let's just hope that people as a whole in this country are not this dumb….. This is what happens when you don't put money into the school system for 30+ years. I'm so disappointed in the people that feel untitled and don't realize there being played like a fiddle. As the saying goes "Each one teach one!"

  • Thomas Ridley

    Then he even shafted the flight crews with over priced food and drinks.
    This is typical Trump. Screw everyone.
    Its time the military pull their resources from the airport. If Trump wants an airport. Let him pay for it.
    Its not the militaries job to keep his resort open.

  • - segovia -

    And… the 38% trump approval rating knows that he's used 1/10th of a billion dollars TO PLAY GOLF. To you republicans, inbreds, uneducated hillbillies: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP TRUMP & CO. FROM ROBBING THE USA?

  • Michael Dollar

    Agent orange breaks a law a day in his attempt to bring down our democracy. The pale moth has his asset bought and paid for. Trump=Treason

  • citizen -F


  • Cosmic Universe

    the media is Donald Trumps enemies that is why he keep saying FAKE news but the reality is that the media is in fact exposing the "TRUTH" you can't keep lying and hiding you scams for long Donald trump. your Trump empire will fall and be damned! you betrayed your own people. the people who died for this country for many generations if you are a great president" us American people would see that and show love to you and embrace you. the ones you can't fool are the ones you try to make them out to be disloyal to you, but loyalty is earned not given just like respect. real eyes realize real lies! the good will conquer! the one that are behind you are sleeping or chose not to recognize the Truth the one that are woke~ awaken are the ones that sees through your lies that you can not counter.

  • Katt Mann

    A lesson for all republicans and any others who chose to live by their crimes, We the People are all not as stupid as you thought and Leavenworth has no creature comforts!

  • 265petsar

    Just another money scam, he can't help scamming it's in his DNA. This CROOK needs to be brought to justice. To Trump he has the American blank cheque book, and is writing cheques to himself from American hard earned tax money.

  • rapunzel eh?

    wow… stop the presses… trump is a crook….. c'mon Dems – DO SOMETHING… how much more 'investigations' do you need? he still hasn't divested of any of his properties…

  • Mark Gwynn

    Why is this man still in office? every time he goes to one of his places we the tax payers pay the bill and it goes right in trumps pocket. he has made millions off us just playing golf!
    the air force and the men involved dont have to worry about a thing because one one is going to do anything.

  • Bails Bails

    Like I`ve said before, history will judge all those military top brass and 4 star generals on what they did when stuff like this was happening, where was their honour then. What will they do when POTUS orders them to imprison his political rivals, what will the rest of the politicians do. I`ll spell it out for them all…..HE WILL NOT STOP…he will have to be stopped, I just hope lives aren`t lost in the process.

  • Julia Lerner

    It seems the scandal is that the military spent taxpayer money at the behest of the president and nobody died. We expect mass slaughter overseas to feel like we got our money's worth. How else can we justify spending more than half of our tax money supporting the biggest polluter on the planet?

  • Alpha 6

    The Pentagon needs to be fully transparent on this, otherwise they will lose credibility within an already shaky administration.

    Obviously, there is some seriously shady stuff going on, what I think is happening, the pentagon is internally trying to figure it out….this sounds very much like some back room meetings thing happening and they don't want to appear flatfooted.

    Or at least I hope that is the case.

    All the best.


  • B Rob

    Well now we know why trump increased the military budget by 200 billion. So they could afford to stay at his GD resorts and be criminals just like thier commander and chief!

  • Colin Matheson

    I’d like to see Lindsey Graham, Gym Jordan or any of the other GOP Trump enablers try to spin this one. The GOP has no shame and no honour and they should be remembered as being complicit in Trump’s crimes

  • Telly Vin-a

    russian assets are embedded at every trump resort. easiest way to get them intelligence is to send the veep and the military to the properties. the occupant needs to be executed for treason.

  • Clayton Gunter

    Just as I said, trump is stealing from the American people! It's called conflict of interest which means it's ethically wrong and that's good enough, again!

  • Clayton Gunter

    Did someone say "no crime "? Try to keep up fella! Mueller brought in the obstruction of justice. Mueller has integrity, trump has none. Mueller doesn't lie. Trump does constantly. Trump is a communist traitor. Period.

  • Simpsons36

    ANd BTW, the deal made with the airport and SEVERAL area hotels as an economic incentive for the AREA was cut in 2014. For math challenged MSNBC 'reporters', that was BEFORE Trump was elected. Oops, sorry, I accidentally implied that FAKE NEWS actually did some research before spewing the Propaganda. My Bad.

  • evelyn hopklnson

    Trump 45 wants to distract all Americans and steal everything he can to enrich his family dynasty and think most America believe what he says But he tells lies every time when open he mouth American hear and read that every day since he been in office America deserves better Vote 2020

  • PSNEWS Auditor-AZ

    Military Air force Base vs. Commercial airport, Simple : Air Base Totally Secure, high alert security. Commercial higher risk of attack.

  • Caligirl55 77

    Isn't that a coincidence wow I wonder what's going on in that pea brain of his thinking that he's going to f*** over the Americans! IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH. MANDA ESE BABABOSO HA CHINGAR SU MADRE!

  • OccasionalGamer

    Trump is using the White House to line his own pockets, while doing nothing for the American people. To keep his cult followers silent, all he has to do is throw out more racist rhetoric.

  • Arnold Seals

    All the money, Trump Accumulates, by using the Office of the President of The United States, to line his pockets. Should be paid back, or stoped NOW !

  • Elvia Yribe

    So not only does this President not work and goes to Mar-A-Lago on Air Force One practically every weekend he has our military going to Scotland just to keep his stupid Golf Course afloat. And the gop's are still protecting this con man. Midwest can't put food on the table but they're still protecting him. He is definitely one of the best con man he just caught caught.

  • Bayfia X

    Donald Trump isn't stupid. He's shrewd in a criminal way. He knows that he can't keep siphoning government money off to his overpriced hotel on an island 5000 miles from anywhere. He has contacted the Military leadership and demanded that they land their planes on the Island and book rooms in his hotel. He's asked Pence and the Secret Services to stay at his resort. He is getting as much as he possibly can right up to the moment when the House of Representatives sets forth the Articles of Impeachment. As soon as the Inquiry results in the Impeachment.. THEN Trump will do what Nixon did! He will resign, and abscond with every dime he can get from our Treasury. And the Wall? He can't make that Wall happen. So he'll blow it off, along with every other promise he has made. This is what a Con Man does!

  • Al Garnier

    Nancy Warren is doing the right thing in these circumstances. The security of the nation is more important than impeaching an obvious puppet clown controlled by the real enemies of America who pull his strings financially in support of his criminal activity.
    They are even testifying against themselves on global media! Now that's what I call reality television at it's worst, the Hunger Games President Coriolanus Snow was more convincing than Agent Orange.
    He is leading the Congress to all of America's enemies, and we can impeach them all, including the Republicans in the Senate, Whitehouse or, DOJ even after the November 2020 Presidential elections. Justice and vengence are dishes best served cold and irredeemable!

  • Holly Jones

    How do his supporters rationalize their money heading to his pocket? Do they not realize that this man cheated his taxes to keep from paying his share and NOW he's just blatantly stuffing his pockets with the taxes he didn't pay.


    Stump is to decency what sewage is to champagne.
    Stump is to enlightenment what tar is to Dom Pérignon’s Rose Gold.
    There’s platinum and then there’s the Chump kiddies, that bunch of grinning obscenities like rotting grapes drooping on a vine.
    If decency’s a virtue of sorts, pigosaurus Chump’s a flaming, fatload nightmare of appalling bad taste.
    And the ’Murkans who think otherwise are nothing more than a great steaming pile of rotting compost.

  • Tonia Jean-Pierre

    As an Air Force retiree I lived in the UK and many other country’s. When I went TDY just like the airmen they are discussing I made $360 dollars a day. When you’re making that per down rate you normally want to stay at a cheaper hotel so that you can bring those dollars home to your family. Unfortunately these airmen are being made to stay somewhere they cannot afford to. What that means is the rates at the Trump property is taking all of their per diem and also making them pay their regular pay directly to our President. If the hotel has a room per night of 400 or 500 dollars and the rate is 350 per night that airmen is literally having to pay our President out of their own pockets $150-200 per night. He is literally stealing from our veterans. This is beyond shameful that this super rich millionaire is making our troops pay him directly. We airmen routinely put our lives on the line when heading out for missions, and our President is stealing from them. Also please understand that there is a daily limit to how much our government will pay us on these missions, and they will not reimburse one cent more. When traveling we have a government credit card, and that card has to be paid in full within 30 days of that cycle. And I am positive that whoever has stayed at that resort will have to spend their regular income to pay that balance off within the 30 days. If the members fail to pay within that month they could be kicked out of the military for failure to meet financial responsibility’s. It’s horrible that us the tax payers are having to pay taxes to cover this shakedown from our commander and thief. And our troops are having to take money from their families to avoid losing their jobs. Realistically the cost of those rooms most likely exceed $600 per night due to the euro being stronger than the dollar. During my time in the EU the euro had an exchange rate of $1 pound was equal to $1.92, that is almost double. So he is really just taking money out of the mouths of the veteran and there families. This is a horrible tragedy, and anyone that continues to support this corrupt president isn’t a true patriot. Smh

  • David Brandenburg

    you do know that trump thought that being president would be a real cushy job, and now he waste the whole day watch fox and friends to see how everybody love him there and like a junky he can't get enough praise. but him saying he will do nothing if hes investigated is really nothing new, because he has done nothing in his whole time in office. so how is him claiming to not do anything, any different than what he is doing now?. trumps mental sickness is a serious thing for our country, and everyone including the republican people should be paying attention and not just taking fox news word on whats really going on! because if you don't your children could end up paying the price of his insanity!.

  • David Brandenburg

    just remember republicans that if we start fighting our country will be destroyed by our enemies while we are fighting, so if you start this war be sure to teach your kids how to speak Russian and Chinese, because that will be the language of our future!.

  • David Brandenburg

    and if you doubt me just ask any veteran you see, for what he thinks will happen to us when we start fight among ourselves!. because anyone who has learned anything from history and war can see what will come if we start fighting.

  • canuck

    He has utter contempt for he world in general. Disgusting. In Canada MP's have been charged and fined for lesser offences! But I forgot, Donald Duck there could shoot someone in New York and get away with it, because the Pres is above the law, right? He reminds me of Idi Amin.

  • Ronald Vuckovich


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