Renovation Costs on an Investment Property
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Renovation Costs on an Investment Property


  • Nina Garner

    can i buy a rental property in colorado for $15,000 and fix it up around $15,000 and ready for rental ROI @12% or more?

  • Jonas De la Rosa

    Clayton, question here, let's say you are getting 700$ rent, 8400 gross income a year, after you get the 40% out, do you keep the other amount as your freedom number? Another question, is property management in that 40% or not?
    Sorry if the questions don't make sense Thanks for the videos man.

  • Kevin Edwards

    Good afternoon noon Morris, how can I get a quicker response to my questions without contacting you publicly?, Morris what you have going on here seems like a sure thing, I would like to purchase more than one property at one time. Can you help me with a spread sheet to present to my local bank?

  • SMH Ninja

    lets say I have $20k saved and I'm pretty sure I can get a private lender or a loan for another $20-$30k. should I apply for the loan that way I won't have too many unknowns of when and how much I would have the money or should I get in contact with you guys first to see if you have anything for me and that way I can give the private lender details? or would you suggest I keep saving for another year to buy it cash?

  • LOKHighest

    Do you pay cash for your rental propertiee?? If we had to use a loan to secure our first rental property, what would you suggest?? Thank you…

  • jeffery taylor

    Thank you so much. I'm a newbie and purchased a property in Newcastle, In. I will be starting the project soon, and this is extremely helpful. Now I just need a good contractor.

  • Russ Watson

    Question: When you buy properties in othere states, do you try to keep your properties in the same city so you can use a resonably priced renovation team you've used before? It would seem if you had properties spread all over the place you'd have to break in a new team all the time.
    BTW, you do a great job making vids!

  • Troy Mason

    So if you buying a house that gives a great roi but those major repairs will have to be dont in the next 2years for example, how do you calculate your capEx and how do you adjust your offer?

  • Rich L

    Hi Clayton, If you have time, can you make a video on the pros and cons of buying an existing rehabed home for $40,000 versus buying a property at $10,000 and using $30,000 to rehab. Are there tax advantages? Why not just buy the rehabbed home instead of doing the rehab yourself? Thanks

  • Danny 303

    Hey Clayton, I'm seeing several videos popping up showing investor's not happy with your properties, showing significant repairs left to investor's to pay for, care to chime in on this? I don't want to make assumptions….

  • Chris Redden

    Hey Morris, how do reno costs factor into roi? I am being offered an "easy reno" loan which will cover the cost of rehab. Not entirely sure how to factor this into roi. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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