Rehabbing Rental Property: Don’t Over Upgrade
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Rehabbing Rental Property: Don’t Over Upgrade


  • Terron Winn

    hello clayton. What about appliances? do you furnish your rentals with a fridge and stove. If so, what kind?

  • Albert B

    Clayton I've done upgrades and got more in rent like granite and nicer cabinets vinyl plank floors and new paint and got higher rents than comparable market rates on dated 70-80' product. Do you have any insight on when a big value add in rent can be determined ?

    In many cases when I did the rehab work I wanted to get an incremental cashflow difference of 2 dollars or more for every 1 dollar of payment I spent per month.

    I finance the rehab so every 20k or so is about 100 dollars a month.

  • mike hicks

    I definitely agree. I see houses sitting on Craigslist and zillow for rent for months because new investors will come and over upgrade and then can't make their money back thinking they are going to charge more because of the upgrades

  • Mario Anchondo

    Great video! I'm a new subscriber and I feel like I found the holy grail of rental property information( I don't have a better way of wording this) your videos are everything that I have been looking for on getting started. Could you please make a video of owning properties thru an LLC and how it all works? Thanks from Hobbs, NM

  • Mark Poulton

    My only issue with not using granite is that it is just about as cheap as laminate after being installed if you go with the lower lines. I has wasted TONS of money on my first few homes making them the way I would want to live in them as apposed to what others are comfortable living with. Not making that mistake any longer.

  • workwithksmusselman

    Another Great video!

    I'm taking A TON of notes from your videos. I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your videos. I've learned more just in the last few days than I have in the last few YEARS with other investors.

    You make everything make sense!

  • AustinAirCo

    I'm pretty sure Fred Flintstone had granite counter tops. The more things change….Another bad thing about Hardie board is having to paint it. I prefer brick myself, very low maintenance. Eat your heart out Mr. Flintstone. 😉

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