REBECCA ZAMOLO WORKING WITH GAME MASTER TO TRAP US!! (in top secret escape room spy house)
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REBECCA ZAMOLO WORKING WITH GAME MASTER TO TRAP US!! (in top secret escape room spy house)

oh yeah we’re in hot pursuit Sharers
what’s going on walking to the vlog check this out we got Rebecca’s Zamolo
in front of us check it out there she is we were high telling her because we
don’t trust her but she wants us to go up to Big Bear Mountain I don’t know why
yeah sure last vlog if you haven’t seen it I interviewed the Game Master and he
gave me some crazy crazy answers but one of them was that Rebecca has joined him
and his team and so now we’re trying to figure out what’s happening with Rebecca
yeah we’re trying to keep our distance from Rebecca Zamolo so she doesn’t know that
we’re actually following her but look hold on just let her go a little bit
farther ahead yeah sure we have to be really really careful because we don’t
know if this is a good idea or a bad idea to follow Rebecca to wherever we’re
going but yeah she’s last we went to Big Bear to meet up with Rebecca Zamolo
we found that the Game Master actually broke into her house what are they doing
is that the Game Master back seat hang on I’m gonna go reverse it doesn’t look
like we stopped hang on we gotta hide back here back up back up I don’t know
wait wait they pulled off to the side of the road yeah the cars on the side of
the road why No keep an eye out Grace hang on do
we have binoculars hang on I think I got binoculars in the trunk
can you go get them yeah hang on hang on hang on hurry quick quick quick I think
we got we got our spy gear back here let’s see open open open despite your
yes we might be able to hear what they’re saying
headphones on plug in wait it sounds like someone else is in the car Grace I don’t know
sure it’s qohen what I’m hearing it sounds like cirrhosis in the car though
oh we got a connection is that it looks like a boy is that mad is it I can’t see
looks like yeah what’s he doing wait it looks like he’s like whoa where’s he
going he’s like upset or something what is he
doing he just kicked something what wait he’s picking up something maybe he’s
getting like a mystery clue message there he is there here you just broke
something like a steak hips like you might be angry I don’t know why he would
be mad I know she was like running where are they I don’t know where she where
she hey what’s going on what is that thing you guys are holding oh it’s my
new headphones I’m just jamming out to some music Oh what are you doing out
here okay well you’ve got this note from the game master and we kind of take a
detour from the cabin and go to this address oh did you guys get anything I
don’t think so do we get any guys might be the next
target did we get anything you know where you
get a glove compartment in your glove compartment
let’s see glove box press wait wait there’s a lot of stuff in here wait
check that what is this oh hang on chairs we got to know to find three
secret items inside an outside of this escape room house you must not be seen be out before
6:00 it’s from the game master what’s with the black cart and a light whatever
that is same note they want us to go to where Pumpkin Patch is stayin in Malibu
instead of going to Big Bear I guess why I don’t know there must be something
inside that we need to get or he’s gonna happen annals over 1 million subscribers
so whoa where’s that where’s this towel where do we go to find the house we
found ours like there was a black lace and it showed in a dress a dress 1 6 3
bird phew Malibu California the same address we
thought but now our car isn’t working it’s you’re still working yeah car still
on yeah can we just go can we just go together put them in the car I don’t
know do it go as a dress I guess I mean what else we supposed to do if she’s not
going to Big Bear I guess we gotta follow her okay okay guys come on hop in
let’s go yeah let’s just do it just do it gotta go to pumpkin patches house hop in
Pumpkin Patch who’s that yeah we’re going to Pumpkin Patch house not the
Game Master I’ll explain but we have to go let’s go come on
we’re records it this way that we keep going this way let’s go let’s go let’s
go what are we supposed to do how are we
supposed to get past the gate Gray’s house was gonna pass I don’t know this
looks a little creepy hang on let’s go up this way Grace this house under the
bushes darn there’s a fence I think the three things that we’re looking for I
think so so sure keep an eye out when we’re searching if you find any of these
three clues it’s like what a pumpkin piece of paper and rocks I think so son
study we’re running out of time we got to just step up figure out how to get in wish me luck Sharers wish me luck I’m
going in whoa Steven Steven let’s go I don’t know
we got a search quick the Sun setting it’s almost 6 o’clock sorry for Harry
booth do you see wait look there’s something right there
orange oh wait remember Rebecca talks something about pumpkin patch what is
this could it be a pumpkin what’s inside
let’s open this up whoa what is this whoa what is this it’s like a bunch of
orange stuff what is that I don’t know this a clue
anything nothing what is it I’m not sure what that is but
running at times let’s go this way what else looking for the crops pumpkin
or that wait that’s weird look how small that door is Grace stand next to it so
the Sharers can see what that means the person that lives here it’s shorter than
me oh it’s like a secret spy like escape room door it’s locked it’s locked
yep locked darn Grace this can mean something maybe there’s a key look dude
the keys missing gotta find something the keys somewhere around here quick
what are we Rebecca’s let’s go this wedding what else wait I think I see
Rebecca I’m not trying to get in look they’re right behind these bushes up
here you see that yeah I’m pretty sure look wait hold on where do they go
I’m pretty sure your phone though I simply saw someone up here below Matt
Rebecca Steve the Sun is setting and we haven’t
found any of the three clues Cheers comment below if you’ve seen any
of these we need a hurry we don’t want to know what happens at 6 o’clock oh wait Greg’s I see something look
check this out look what was that I don’t know what was that I’m not sure is
that like up there but look at this we found our clue the pumpkin in the
middle of a tree a random tree let’s that mean there’s got to be oh cool look
look what something went inside this pumpkin think about it Grace Rebecca
mentioned something like a pumpkin patch right yeah well think about it
pumpkin maybe pumpkin patch price clues this has pumpkins oh and there’s a whole
there’s a whole risk week we gotta get the inside of this pumpkin somehow uh
yeah we may like smash this open three okay let’s smash the feet ready grapes
yeah open it smashes pumpkin three two one go
you got it anything in serenity there is there
No look at this there’s a note hang on we got to open it carefully it’s like
all that’s all soggy it says something oh it says something
something something something westward Ave there must be some address I have no
idea where that is look pumpkin note we’re onto something so now easy to find
these rocks here’s like stones does that count
stones backyard pool wow this is a really deep backyard ooh look how deep
it is well there’s like something at the
bottom like something black do you see that look at that what is that thing
it’s like a pond monster I don’t know Grace this is really deep for a backyard
pool okay Sharers we’re on a mission Sharers we’ve gotta find the rest of this
rock stone something and wait wait Rebecca’s saying something backwards there’s the quote rock stones rocks well
loose whoa she saw us wait grab this outcrop this out would this hit it what
is this 111 8 star I don’t know if these means my shirt
write these down Jack wait crazy Rebecca said look behind you look
there’s Pumpkin Patch look in the bushes


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