Realtors Tackle the White River 50 Miler
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Realtors Tackle the White River 50 Miler

(upbeat music) (deep breathing) – The day is here Jeff. We’re 12 hours away,
describe what it’s like. All the preparation, all the work. – Hard work, preparation. Been working on this for eight months. It’s all about the payoff. Shit’s about to get real. (relaxed hiphop music) – Jeff’s been preparing
this for like eight months. Rory two days. – [Rory] Chris six months,
fresh off the fractured foot. – Six months and he’s got a busted foot. – Six months off of foot injury, be good. – I don’t know how long
I’ve been preparing for, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. – [Rory] It’s go time baby. – [Vlogger] So I signed up for this race because of Jeff, really. He called me up said “Hey, I signed up “For the White River 50 mile-er”. And I think the next words
out of my mouth were, “Where do I sign up?” It’s game time baby, game time! (motivational music) You only get one shot at
this thing called life. So, why are you not making the most of it? Right, why aren’t you, going all out, all the time to live the
most epic life you can? I’m on mile five right now. First major up hill. It’s steep baby. (motivational music) What’s up? – [Woman] Hi! – I gotta speed up,
can’t let them catch me. (motivational music) Look, in life you can’t think about, what you’re gonna do tomorrow, what you’re gonna do next year. You gotta live in the moment. I can’t think about mile 50 right now, I gotta think about mile 12. (motivational music) Six miles of down hill heading
back to the halfway point. Lovin’ it! I just passed the 25 mark, half way. That was after about six
miles of just, pure down hill. Never been this happy. To run an 18 minute and
change mile as I just was. I’m around mile 31. (deep breathing) I’m not exactly sure GPS is, giving me different results then what
that last aid station said but looks like I’ve got five more miles till I get to the top
of the second mountain. That’ll be at mile 37 and then
it’s down hill from there. This is a (deep breathing) bitch
of a second mountain to do. Second half of this race, (groaning) having trouble keeping food down. Everything I just ate two
minuets ago at that aid station, came back up. So, probably means for
about an hour-or-so, I’m gonna be drained. (deep breathing) So, I can start gettin’ somethin’ back down. Definitely going through a
little of the demons right now. But I’m pushin’ through I’m
gonna finish this son-of-a-gun. All right guys, I hit that second summit. Got to that aid station. Got some food down and I’m feelin’ good! It’s about six miles down hill on this road I’m on right now. And then, about seven miles of flat. I just passed 41 miles. So if I’m gonna break, two hours, 12 hours,
I’ve got two hours left. To get in nine miles so, That’s like 13 minute miles, okay, and two of ’em are down hill. So I think I be around nine to ten. (upbeat techno music) I’ve got three mile left, 44
minutes, it’s gonna be tight. This last section, this last seven miles, they describe it as flat, but with roots. So, take a look at what the race. You know, just gives you
an idea of this kinda race. I’m not complaining, but this
is what flat is out here. (crowd cheering) – [Man] Man, you got
the good deal all right. (upbeat techno music) (crowd cheering) – [Woman] You did it
– How’s it goin? – Yeah. – [Woman] Do you feel? – That was a run. (cheering)
(cowbells ringing) – [Man] Turn left, turn left! (relaxed hiphop music) – [Vlogger] It’s the day after. That was a tough race yesterday. Probably the hardest I ever did. – What was the biggest lesson
that you got from that? – Biggest lesson I learned,
is just to live in the moment. Don’t worry about, things
you can’t do in that moment. What about you biggest lesson?
– Same thing you know, just keep going. One foot in front of the other. Just keep on goin’,
don’t stop, never quite, and you’ll get there. And that was what we
could, that’s what we did is we just kept pushin’, and
pushin’ and we got it done. – [Vlogger] Guys, I hope you
enjoyed following us along. Hope you enjoyed… This venture, this journey. Please leave us some comments, give us your feedback. We wanna hear from you, and hopefully hear that we inspired you in some way, shape, or form
even if it’s just a little bit. – Yeah, let us know some of the challenges that you’ve accomplished, we’d be interested in
hearing that as well. And just keep pushing it. – All right, we’ll see you next time. Hopefully for an even
bigger and badder challenge. – (laughing) For sure! (upbeat music)

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