Realtors Review BLANK (Clinics @ The Running Room)
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Realtors Review BLANK (Clinics @ The Running Room)

Hey guys it’s Dale here from
the Santa Sells Houses Team. Today we’re on Richmond Street
at the Running Room, and we’re going to go inside
and check out ***** Hey guys it’s Dale here with
the Santa Sells Houses Team. Today we are at the
Running Room on Richmond St. and we’re going to be
reviewing their running clinics that they have
here at the store. So I took my first running clinic
about three/three and a half years ago. I started running on my own
and I was getting to a point where, you know, I was enjoying it however
I was having some challenges, and kind of plateauing and
I didn’t know how to get past that. So I talked to my friend Barry
who’s also a past client of mine, he’s also the regional manager here,
and he suggested joining one of their running clinics which
I didn’t know existed. Here’s what they offer. They have a Learn to Run clinic,
they have a Women Only clinic, they have a Couch to 5km
for beginners. They have a 5km plan,
a 10km plan, half marathon, and a full marathon
training plan. I was intimidated getting
into it the first time… last year I ran
my first marathon. You usually run with your group
about 2 to 3 times a week. They usually run anywhere
from about 10 to 16 weeks, and then there’s also a goal race
at the end of your training plan. What I love about it is the comradery,
the accountability, the friendship. You meet a lot of people. The more you come out to these events,
you start to see a lot of the same people coming out and you get to
become friends with them, more accountability. The instructors are very friendly,
they don’t leave anybody behind. In every group there is going to be
slow, medium and fast-paced people. So another great part about it is,
it doesn’t matter what skill level you are, you could have not ran ever,
or maybe it’s been 15, 20 plus years. They do have open sessions
on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings as well
which are free to everyone. Once a week they will have a
professional come in and talk about health care like injury prevention,
they might have a chiropractor come in, massage therapist, somebody talking about different gear,
like watches, tracking technology that they have, talk about pronation because
a lot of people pronate when they run. Just talk about fitness in general,
diet, all that stuff right? So there are all kinds
of different topics. Once you get involved with this,
it’s quite the amazing community. I would highly recommend that
you check out one of their clinics. Or just come into the store and
chat with one of the employees here. They’re fantastic,
they will help you out. Once again this has been Dale
with the Santa Sells Houses Team, come check it out!

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