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I’ve talked about how I love buying and
selling houses and I can tell you, if you’re looking to buy a house,
you have to ask the right questions. What’s the curb appeal? Does it have good bones? Does the carpet match the drapes?>>[LAUGH]
>>I’m thinking of Tinder, I’m sorry.>>[LAUGH]
>>Portia and I are selling our house right now. I’m just as surprised as you are. I can’t, it’s the house that
I said I would never sell. It’s the house that I said I will live
in forever, but you see a cuter one and it’s new and exciting and you say,
I wanna get all up in that and->>[LAUGH]>>Again, I’m thinking of Tinder, I am sorry.>>[LAUGH]
>>One thing I know is when you’re selling your house, you really have
to find a great real estate agent. And something I’ve noticed about realtors
is they love to put their picture on everything. At first they just put their
photos on business cards and then they started putting
their photo on bus benches. I don’t know why realtors
advertize on bus benches. I guess they’re thinking you know who
could really, really use a house? People who can’t afford a car.>>[LAUGH]
>>Hm. And now realtors have started
making videos on YouTube, I found a couple that I
really have to show you. This first one is from Tammy Chavers
in Montgomery, Alabama.>>Hi my name is Tammy Chavers and I’m
with ReMax properties in Montgomery, and this is my friend Charlie.>>Howdy.
>>Well hi, Charlie, how are you today?>>I’m doing pretty good. Where are we?
>>Well we are at this beautiful home for sale in Bridle Brook.>>I like this home.>>I do too. And we’ve got lots of homes for sale.>>We do?
>>Yes Charlie, we do. But don’t be a dummy
about buying real estate.>>A dummy?>>Yeah, Charlie, don’t be a dummy. Call Tammy, Tammy Chavers,
ReMax Properties>>[APPLAUSE]>>What’s really impressive is one time she closed a deal while
drinking a glass of water. That was a-
>>[LAUGH]>>This next one is from a Realtor named Rafael A Perez from San Diego. His initials are RAP, and
so he made this video. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Welcome to the 619, San Diego. The place where the tourists come and
say you should go. The rules of real estate
are no longer the same. Basic fundamentals is
the name of the game. It’s not about buy, hold, flip for rookie. It’s about building a home or
a positive cash flow. As MLK once said,
you don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. [MUSIC] You’re building a future
one day at a time. To get a net worth of
a million not a dime. Let me tell you who I am. No, I’m not a rapper. RAP are my initials,
I’m your trusted realtor.>>If you need an awesome agent,
here’s my number, call me. (619)333-. If you need an awesome agent,
here’s my number, call me. (619)333-.>>[LAUGH]
>>Come on!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I love how he rhymed rookie
with positive cash flow. That’s a,
that is some next-level stuff right there. I think I’m gonna stick with my
real estate agent, but if Tammy and that dummy wanna make me an ad for
my house, please send it in. I’d love to see it. And right now I’m gonna show off
my beautiful studio with a dance.


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