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Realtors- I Want To Get Rich Quick. Can You Help Me? – Real Estate Investing

Question: “Are you one of those get rich quick
guys from late night TV? I want to get rich quick.”
Joe: (He didn’t put a name on there). Joe: This is not a get rich quick scheme.
I don’t know if I have to tell you that to most of you. It’s a business building program.
If you don’t do anything, you don’t make any money. If you follow through with the process,
though, you can do very well and its very likely that you will get rich, but it takes
time. Joe: I tell everybody, ‘Give yourself time
to make this happen.’ I think I mentioned that in a previous video: ‘Give yourself time
to make it happen. Treat it like a business.’ This is a business system and you’ve got to
put it into place. Joe: The best example I can think of is the
plate spinner at the circus. You’ve got to get the first plate going. You get it on that
pole and you start spinning it and you get that one balanced and going before you put
the second one on. You can’t put the second one on when the first one’s not ready yet,
otherwise it’ll collapse. So you have to build your business from a step by step sort of
process. Joe: Now, I take everybody in the Mentor Program
through a very carefully outlined step by step process. We’ll start you out in the “For
Rent Method”. I want you to start making offers the very first week, and if you come to the
buying event, I want you to make offers right there at the Buying Event. I want you to learn
how to do it. Joe: These offers get accepted. It doesn’t
take long before you get these offers accepted, and it doesn’t take long before you get a
lot of them accepted and you get the process really rolling. And then you go out and you
find the buyers; that’s the second step. And then, that’s when you start making money.
Joe: When you start implementing both of these strategies (finding the sellers and finding
the buyers) you’re going to have so many leads coming in (I know this sounds a little bit
hard to believe) because these methods are so effective (the internet methods and the
organic methods we use) and they bring in a lot of leads.
Joe: You have to follow up with these leads. You can either automate the process or you
can do it manually. If you do it manually, it costs a little bit less than creating automation
for it, but you’re going to run out of time. You’re not going to be able to do it all.
You’re going to have too much to handle and it’s going to become overwhelming, and what
I see most people who don’t start automating this stuff do is just drop all of their leads
and they don’t follow through with them, and so they don’t make any money.
Joe: They know that it’s their fault. They know that they’ve got all of these leads and
they should be making a lot of money from it, but they get overwhelmed, they get frustrated
and they give up. Don’t get into that situation – give yourself the time to make it happen.
Follow through with the process. Use the business system that I teach, and hopefully you can
get involved in the Mentor Program and come and let me walk you through the process because
I think the people that allow me to do that with them get there a lot quicker. Thanks.


  • Deborah Saddler

    Hi can you tell me about your mentor program? Also, I am not a real estate agent, but I want to invest, wholesale etc. Please tell me what programs you have available.

  • Joe Crump

    Yes, you can get them all from my website joecrump com or you can look at these other sites as well: PushButtonMethod com, ZeroDownInvesting com, and some free videos at this site: JoeCrump com/partner The other thing you might be interested in is my Blog at: JoeCrumpBlog com

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