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Realtors- How To Work With Investors – Sell Multiple Houses – Real Estate Investing

Joe: Alright, I’ve got another question here.
Sarah: “Hi, Joe. I really like your idea about working with investors. Can you explain how
it works and how you find them and how you find good properties for them?” – Sarah T.
in San Francisco. Joe: Investors are the lifeblood of my business.
I’ve got over 45,000 people that are investors who are on my list currently. I send out an
email to them every day. Some of those emails sell the stuff that I teach, because I make
a lot of money off of teaching and coaching and cd’s and books. It’s a publishing company
– it’s called Crump Publishing. It’s been very good to me.
Joe: I love this business. It is just a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun, first of all, to
make a lot of money – somebody said to me, ‘Boy, instead of getting into investing, you
should get into selling books about investing because you’d make a whole lot more money’.
Well, you do make a whole lot of money selling investing books, if you know how to market
and if you know how to do this type of thing. One day, it may be something you’ll want to
get into as well once you understand how to do it. I’ve got so much experience as an investor
that my credibility is pretty high when it comes to selling these types of programs,
so it makes it easy for me. Joe: I’ve also worked on it for ten years.
I’ve been doing it for ten years now, selling programs like this. They keep changing and
they keep growing. The technology is going all over the place, and I’ve learned so much
from my students over the years. I’ve learned about every single market in the entire United
States through this process, so it’s given me a really good diverse idea of how to market
and how to make this stuff work. Then, when we started using the internet
marketing techniques to actually invest in
real estate, to find leads, then everything changed.
Joe: But anyway, you asked me how to find investors, and I kind of got off on a tangent
because I enjoy this process of teaching so much. To find investors, you can find them
on Craigslist. I use eBay. I’ll put properties that I have for sale up on eBay and I’ll give
them an opt in link that they can go to and they can opt into my list and get more information.
I put an audio there that teaches them. I have a series of emails that I send out to
help them. Joe: I created something for my mentor students,
a newsletter for my mentor students with a template that they can send out. They can
make minor revisions. I also wrote a bunch of different articles they can use and send
out to their list of investors. They can keep in touch once a week with their investors,
and they send out all of the properties that they’ve got for sale. They can send out new
deals they’ve found, and it doesn’t have to be properties that they’ve personally listed
– it can be properties that they find in the MLS or properties that somebody brings to
them that they found through the other marketing techniques, whether they’re FBSO’s, or whether
they’re expireds, or whether they’re for rent deals or whether they’re people that are coming
in through the other advertising techniques that we use.
Joe: We also use eBay which has been very effective. I probably bring in 8 or 10 or
20 new leads from eBay every single day. Just like clockwork – we’ve got it set up so that
it happens every single day. All I have to do is screw around with it every three months
(because you can put in a listing in for three months.) I can probably expand on that if
I wanted to (I just haven’t had the time to do it).
Joe: We also use Craigslist. We put in ads every single day into Craigslist – not personally
– I have somebody do it with me. You can use the same ads in Craigslist that I use. All
of that stuff is part of my Mentor Program, so if you get involved with that…
Joe: And you should seriously think about getting involved in this mentor program. I
know I haven’t talked about it very much in these videos, but it’s a very powerful program
and you should go take a look at this process. I’ve got a video that is geared specifically
for real estate agents and it shows you some of the things that you can use real estate
investing for in your real estate business in order to not only to make money as an investor
but also to make money as a real estate agent, e.g. increasing your listings, increasing
your sales, etc. If you’d like to go listen to that audio, it’s free. It’s at
(r. e. a. l. t.o.r. – all lower case, all one word). I hope that helps. Thanks, now.

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