Realtors – Do your clients LIE to you?

Uh you’ve been lied to and you’re gonna
get like to again hi bubble bath show with Austin’s Lender it is amazing that
you meet and greet a customer and they tell you oh we’ve got great credit and
then they don’t have great credit and then you send them to the winner oh yeah
we can do that and they can’t do that deal believe me I know because those
deals end up in our office because not only do we offer perfect credit all the
way up with the absolute lowest rates in the fastest closing but we have that
safety net to take care of the customer that falls through whoever’s watching
this I you’re probably somebody who sent us a customer already and you send us
the guy and we save them and then you go back to send in to the other guy who
can’t close a little credit score’s I can’t figure it out but here’s what I do
want you to know in Austin’s lender we offer FHA down below five hundred credit
score in VA down to five hundred we offer USDA down to 540 now I’m
not telling you we want your trash customer credit that’s not what I’m
saying but we have to remember there’s good people attached to every customer
every customer is a good person and what they’ve been through in their life is
not necessarily representative of their future thank God for you and me so
instead of getting lied to why don’t you refer your clients to
Austin’s Lender where you know that we have the lowest rates and the fastest
closing on Fannie Mae Freddie Mac FHA USDA VA and great rates that no
one can touch but if that customer lied to you and they didn’t file their tax
return even we got to go bank statements we have that program if their credit is
really bad and have to go non-prime we offer non-prime give us a call
Austin’s lender five one two nine five three seven three five nine 512-953-7359 we
look forward to serving you in making 2019 your absolute best year in real
estate have a good day

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