REALTOR vs ROCK WALL | Valley Vibes Ep1 | Lehi, Utah
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REALTOR vs ROCK WALL | Valley Vibes Ep1 | Lehi, Utah

– As a local real estate company, we know it’s not just a
house that makes a home. Which is why we are always looking for the best services, the tastiest foods, and the most memorable activities that make us proud to
call our community home. Every week, we feature local companies and communities that add exceptional value to the cities of Salt
Lake and Utah Valley. This is Valley Vibes. – Hey. – Hey Chris. How’s it going.
– How’s it going Amy? – Good. Tell me a little bit about this place, it looks really awesome. – So, we’re a 20,000
square feet bouldering gym. So the difference between bouldering and what people normally
perceive as climbing, is that bouldering
happens on shorter walls, as you can kind of see out here. – I see you guys are at Lehi, why did you guys pick
this location in Lehi? – Lehi is unique, it’s a growing city. You can just drive a
few miles up the freeway and see all the construction
that’s going on, both in road construction
and building construction. There’s population growth here. And we thought this building, building a gym here would
be a perfect location to service the community here. It’s also really close
to American Fork Canyon, which is probably one of the first places to modernize sport climbing. It’s pretty historical
when you get down into it. – So I see that you guys do a lot of different community things, I saw about your suicide prevention. – Yeah. So, we’re putting on
this little yoga class. We just had one on the 8th, it went really well, good turnout. Then there’ll be another one on the 22nd. Basically, people sign
up for this yoga class and then the proceeds
go to this foundation that helps prevent suicide. – Oh wow. – To help raise awareness, breakdown the stigma of
mental illness and suicide in our nation and stuff like that. Have you climbed before? – Yes I have. – Oh awesome. – Only in a gym though. – How much? A lot or a little?
– Just a little bit. Our family likes to do Spartan Races. So, we use your guys’ gym to help us workout our grip strength, so I could actually do
the Twister on that. – Awesome. Well what if we went downstairs
and did some climbing? – Let’s try it! – Yeah? – Yeah, let’s go for it.
– Alright, cool. – So I’m gonna pick this purple then. – Perfect.
– Okay. – Then you’re just
gonna start on that hold and you’re going to
follow the purple holds for both your hands and
your feet all the way up. – Okay, here we go. – Cool. – Here we go, let’s try it out. (upbeat music) Woo-hoo! – Nice. – How did I do? – You did pretty good. – Okay, give me some tips. – There’s two things that I
would say that you could do that would help. – Okay. – One is, when you’re standing
on the holds use your toe. – Oh okay. – So you were stepping
on the arch of your foot. – Yeah. – The more you stand on your toe, the more control you’re gonna have and the higher you’re
gonna be able to reach too. – Okay. – The other thing I would
say is just focus on climbing with your arms straight. – Oh okay. – ‘Cause that’s hard ’cause I’m like, “All my strengths in my legs.” – Yeah, well everybody
thinks, “I need to pull in.” – Yeah stay close.
– No, no, no. Just relax, loosen your arms. – Okay
– And then when you move, of course you’re gonna
bend your arms to move. – Yeah. – But, when you’re just there
keep your arms straight. – So arms straight. – And try to really stand on
your feet using your toes. – So, we are walking around
here and we saw Isaac, a guy named Isaac on here, and
he just totally killed this. – Oh yeah, Isaac Caldiero? – Yeah. – So Isaac’s a professional rock climber, he has been for quite some time, and most recently he won
American Ninja Warrior. If you’ve heard his name out there– – Yeah. – That’s probably why. – Hi, I’m Isaac Caldiero. I’m the first American
Ninja Warrior Champion. I’m here at Momentum Lehi in Utah, my hometown where I was born and raised. It’s the best place in the world to train. So come on down check it
out, anytime, anyplace. Come and get strong with me. Let’s do it. – Not just climbers. – Yeah, well I learnt a lot, had a lot of fun, I really appreciate it. Thanks for letting us
feature you on Valley Vibes. – Yeah, no problem. Thanks for coming out and doing it.


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