realtor tricks to watch out for
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realtor tricks to watch out for

Every industry has its tricks. Wanna
know a few realtor tricks that’s what’s coming up next. Hi this is Alex from
Royal Pacific Realty in Vancouver and this is Canadian content eh? if you’re new
here hello and welcome. I talk about
everything real estate in the Vancouver area with new videos every Tuesday and
Friday hit the subscribe button and that little belt because being a smart savvy
consumer is a good idea eh? The real estate industry has many tricks. It is
important to know these tricks and how they influence your decision as a buyer
or a seller. In this video I’ll discuss 4 tricks you should know about. Number
1 property dimensions, property dimensions are always approximate and
this is indicated in small print in realtor advertising. Nothing is stopping
a realtor from approximating these dimensions. Realtors can easily market
say a 960 square feet condo as 1,000 square feet this is great for the sellers but
bad for the buyers. I recommend referencing the strata plan for condos
and building plans if you are purchasing a house. Number 2, the number of bedrooms.
A bedroom is defined as a room with four walls a closet and a window even though
you may not care if that den is labeled a bedroom. You should care when it’s time
to sell your home. As the number of real bedrooms will affect your home’s value.
Number 3, the days on the market, it is typically looked at stat. It
indicates how long the home has been on the market. The lower the number of days
on the market the better in the buyer’s perspective. The days on the market is
greater than 30 days the buyers may feel that there is something wrong with
the home and may shy away from viewing the home or writing an offer. The seller
and the realtor may decide to remove the property off the market.
This would reset the days on the market back to zero. So looking at the days on
the market is not an accurate figure. I would recommend looking at the property
history on Multiple Listing Service versus the days on the market. Number 4,
price reductions, buyers like to ask if the home has had any price reductions. Their
is nothing stopping a realtor to list a home at 1.5 million and drop
it to 1 million the next week. This makes it appear like it’s a great deal to be
had by the buyer but the fact is that price can be changed at anytime with the
permission of the seller. It is always wise to look at the price history of the
property and how relates to the market prices in the neighbourhood. So there you
have it the four realtor tricks you should know if you’re a buying or
selling real estate. If you have any questions please reach out to me. If
you’re thinking of selling view my playlist over here. Question of the day
what realtor trick did you come across that I didn’t mention. Please leave it in
the comments below. I will try my best to personally answer all the comments
myself. As always please like share and subscribe and become a smart savvy
consumer. I make educational videos every Tuesday and videos every Friday. This is
Alex from Vancouver and thank you for watching this video

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