Realtor Tina Vasu Real Estate Homes for Sale
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Realtor Tina Vasu Real Estate Homes for Sale

My name is Tina Vasu and I’m with
Berkshire Hathaway I’ve been an interior designer
now for about twenty years and I would find myself working with
clients and going through homes to preview them to come
up with a design for that home. There’s three things that today’s buyer is
looking for. They want a turn key property that they
can move into with their toothbrush. They want the best price available and
they obviously want the best location. Two out of those three things a seller can control. It takes a buyer less than 30 seconds to decide whether
or not they are going to like your home. With my expertise as an interior
designer, I can take what you have, I can incorporate into a design that is going to be attractive to that buyer out there. When you list your home with me I will go in and I will consult with you and show you what exactly you need
to do whether it’s staging whether it’s redecorating with
your furniture whether it’s a complete renovation. I
have the eyes to show you exactly what you need to do for today’s buyer. I take pride in getting
to know my clients getting to know their likes and dislikes are and when they are looking for home I find out what the deal breakers are and
let’s just say it’s no noise let’s just say it’s no traffic noise. I make sure that I preview every home for every buyer and they’re not going to
see a home with traffic noise. What excites me most about showing
properties in South Orange County typically is obviously we live in the most beautiful place in the world. Why go on a vacation when you can vacation where you live.


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