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Realtor Testimonial | Nevada Top Agent Kris Carrick | Jacob | Nevada Homes for Sale

I had gone to work and was telling the guys at work that hey I’m thinking about buying a home and one guy said “here
check out this mortgage lender.” Gave me a name for a Guild Mortgage. I called them, I believer I had a sit down with them and got referred to Kris. Yeah I had a couple from the internet just by clicking on the house and getting a
prompt. I probably had three or four that was calling me quite regularly. But I met
Kris she seemed really sweet and it was here. And everybody else was calling me
from Michigan and California and I think one from Florida. I just didn’t feel like
working somebody I couldn’t connect with on almost a daily basis if I needed to on a personal level. Setting down with her right off the jump I didn’t expect a lot as I’ve never really
done it but I said she seemed very sweet and we probably spent 30 minutes the
first meeting and she was very proactive and asking me questions of what I wanted and far as home my price range where I was looking at and then was able to pull
up all kinds of information and we had narrowed it down to like a list of five
within the first day. I thought that was really something. She’s done really well. Always kept in contact with me by a text message or email or calls. Our paperwork situation was
probably an unusual one because I was gonna go for USDA loan and then the
government shutdown. So that totally kicked down our first closing date and through interaction with her to the
seller I was able to actually purchase this home. My first closing date was the
16th she reached out and got me two more weeks and then reached out again when I
went with a conventional loan to the USDA loan the government opened back up but it was still in limbo and we had an amendment for February 1st but we
went past that. And we went past because Kris was willing to reach out and work
with me and the seller. Yeah, she turned my government shutdown nightmare into my owning home dream. Yeah. absolutely she’s been just great. It really means everything. That’s why I come out here. I wanted a new chance, a new start, and the best way to that is to get yourself settled into your own home. That means everything.

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