Realtor Testimonial for Jen Rosser | Jeff & Lisa | Nevada Homes for Sale

[Music] I’ve been up and back in Tahoe and Reno,
Carson City for years. I haven’t been up here for many many years but when I was
younger I was up here and loved it and Tahoe kind of fit the bill of everything
that we were looking for: having a cabin, lake, skiing, great summer, ride motorcycles do all the things that we as a family and our boys
love to do. She spent the entire day with us and took us all over various
different areas of Tahoe and just really told us all about it and showed us a lot
of that a lot of the homes. Jen really kind of tapped into and understood what
we wanted and needed and she had a bunch of different
spots for us to look at and she really just kind of nailed it because it is
exactly what we’re looking for as far as having the beach in the summer, skiing you know, like hopefully tomorrow gonna be skiing Diamond Peak to try it out. [Music]
She just took so much time and she was very patient and she was always there
when I needed her if I had questions. She just was immediately there to help me
through it and to kind of make me feel at ease with the process…it’s a challenge buying a home especially when you don’t
live in the area and she really made it so smooth and very easy for us to feel
good about what we were doing, know we were making the right decision.
In a heartbeat we would refer Jen. She definitely just makes the process easy, fun, enjoyable
exciting! [Music]

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