Realtor Social Media Resolutions for 2018 | Heather Flack with ERA Grizzard

ready to rock social media in 2018? it
can be overwhelming with where to post and how you should set your ad spend, but let me tell you there is a lot of opportuniy Hi I’m Heather Flack the
Director of Marketing and Technology down here at ERA Grizzard Real Estate in
sunny Florida and let’s get you set up for social media success with these five
easy social media resolutions 1. Create a consistent brand image tailored to your audience everything you post or share on social media is a
representation of you so I challenge you to really start thinking of yourself as
a brand or public figure being visually consistent with your aesthetic and
always tailor your content towards your audience because if you’re coming from a
place of value you’ll always have something to post about 2. Set a social media calendar the best way to ensure that you’re actually posting on social
media is to simply schedule it and if you’re just getting started it might be
helpful to theme each day of the week so on Mondays you share your latest listing
on Tuesday you share what’s going on in your communities and what matters to
your audience and on Wednesdays you go live which leads me to number 3. go live! there’s no better way to showcase your personality and capture the attention of
your audience then through live video and if you’re not comfortable with a
selfie live video yet that’s okay try from behind the camera and tour one of
your latest listings just be sure to keep that camera stabilized and in no
time you’ll be leading a weekly series on life and real estate that people just
cannot wait to tune into 4. get innovative with your listings make those
listings pop off the newsfeed with augmented reality or a matterport 3d
tour people are looking for truly immersive experiences. they want to know what it’s like to actually be in a space so if you’re using this type of
technology don’t forget to include a solid call-to-action so that you can
capture their information as a potential lead. and 5. be genuine at the end of the
day social media is all about forming relationships and developing connections
so be true to who you are and in no time that social media strategy will be
opening new doors and possibilities for you and your business in 2018 engaging
video content deserves an equally captivating lead strategy hi I’m Heather
with ERA Grizzard Real Estate down here in sunny Florida
let’s talk generating leads off of video creating that video is just step one in
your video strategy with the right promotion

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