Realtor Services Mesa Carpet Cleaning
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Realtor Services Mesa Carpet Cleaning

Hi there! My name is Justin, I wanted to take a second and introduce my company Arizona Carpet Cleaning. I know you are very busy so I will be brief. You sell homes, let me help make your job easier. We both know that a clean house shows better than a dirty house. We have special pricing for real estate agents and their clients. Our realtor pricing is 33% lower than our standard retail prices. Please allow me to tell you why we are better than the competition! 1st and most importantly we show up on time, and we get the job done right! We use new state of the art truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment including the Rotovac 360i. We use powerful cleaning agents that will leave your clients carpets clean, soft, and smelling fresh. Our pricing is ALL-Inclusive that means there will no hidden fees, and we include everything to ensure the cleanest carpets possible. We are licensed, bonded and insured, all of our employees are drug tested and background checked. If you have any further questions, or are ready to book an appointment please call the number on screen 480-737-2384. Please make sure to mention you are a real estate professional so we can apply the discount. Have an excellent day! Thank You! Mesa Carpet Cleaning


  • Arizona Carpet Cleaning

    If you are a Realtor that needs Mesa carpet cleaning give us a call. (480) 737-2384. We provide reliable Realtor Services Mesa and other local cities.

  • Travis Mahaffey

    Great video, I was looking for Realtor services in Mesa, carpet cleaning is a tough industry to find a professional who actually does what they claim. I used Arizona Carpet Cleaning at a rental property I own in Mesa and the carpets came out fantastic!

  • Stefan Beier - Mit YouTube Hacks zu mehr Kunden

    Though i'm not a real estate professional i just want to give props to you and your Mesa carpet cleaning company! This is a great idea to get eye balls on your business via YouTube and i wish there would be some companies here in germany having a business acumen like you have! Big THUMBS UP!

  • Nathan Kies

    If you need realtor carpet cleaning services, Mesa Carpet cleaning is the way to go! They have been super professional and affordable!

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