• C&J AFVets

    I’m glad she is defending herself and not being a victim. The other realtor they interviewed yesterday wants everyone to hide and not do open houses. That other lady Doesn’t believe in carrying a firearm to arm herself.

  • Brent Tanner

    She tried to rape the guy so, he maced her ass. You know how dem real estate agents all be vile heurs. Dude should have taken her gun after sprayin.

  • Emerald Knight

    She made a smart move to train and get certified to conceal carry a firearm. One never expects or wants this kind of event to happen, but on the one day that it actually happened, she was prepared to defend herself. And did so as the unsub who pulled a knife on her fled the scene. Hope the Police are able to locate this unsub and get him into custody before he does something else .

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