REALTOR® RealTalk 2019 Fall Convention
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REALTOR® RealTalk 2019 Fall Convention

Hey welcome back to REALTOR RealTalk I’m Andy Cottrell, your host, and it has been an awesome summer. But I’ve got a
lot to talk to you about today and let’s see, if I say light it up in the Electric
City what are you thinking about? MAR’s fall convention and guess what
it’s in Great Falls this year. I don’t even know where to start with all the
crazy, awesome things are gonna happen. You have to register as fast as you can.
There’s a million things you can do. Committee meetings, education, lip-sync
contest, how about a gala dinner, how about if we find out who our new officers
are and of course awards. Awards like crazy. The most important thing this year
for me at the convention would be the lip-sync contest. You can participate
as a group, as a duet, or even do your own solo act. So along with the lip-sync
contest comes a costume contest so you can’t just pretend to sing and pretend
to look good. You have to really look good. Now personally and I think I can
win the whole thing hands down. But I’m gonna give you a shot so go online and
register your team. Okay so we got two great classes that are happening at this
year’s convention. Military Relocation Professional Certification.The Pricing
Strategy Advisor Certification. So according to the VA, Montana has one of
the highest per-capita military populations at just under 10%. So the
certification focuses on educating real estate professionals about working with
current and former military service members to find housing solutions that
best suit their needs and take full advantage of military benefits and
support. With the Pricing Strategy Advisor certification you can enhance
your skills of pricing properties creating CMAs working with appraisers
and guiding clients through the anxieties and misperceptions they often
have about home value. This course will help you communicate with your clients
so that they understand the realities of selling their house including their
price. And of course we try and use logic with comparable properties. All right, so
to find out more information about this awesome convention and its classes go to
Montana Realtors dot org. Okay, so you know where I’m gonna be on
Thursday night. At the gala dinner because they are gonna give the ROTY
award away… fireworks. Okay what else do I have to cover. You’re gonna learn things about
military families and how to get them prepared to move. You’re going to learn
how to price a home properly without all this pressure from Uncle Joe. You are
going to lip sync your faces off in the best costumes you could ever have. Eat
great food, we’re gonna light it up in the Electric City. I really don’t know
what that means. Sounds dangerous but I love it. And
that’s all we’ve got time for this episode. Oh and be sure to tune in next
month for the REALTOR RealTalk to go over the Leadership Development
Conference. I really need that one.

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