Realtor questions for buyers: Most important questions to ask before buying
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Realtor questions for buyers: Most important questions to ask before buying

In this video we look at questions you
should ask a real estate agent when you’re buying a house.
That’s starting right now. – Welcome to Homebuyer’s School, brought to you by Brookfield Residential. – Hi everyone I’m Karl, welcome to
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miss anything. So today I’m joined by Kevin French, realtor with Re/max realty
and the question we’re gonna answer is— what kind of questions should you ask a
realtor when you’re buying a house? – When you’re purchasing a home,
you’re going to want to ask the realtor A) if they’re familiar with the
area, B) it’s important to know their availability because sometimes
properties come on the market and they’re not on the market for very long
if they’re a good opportunity—and then making sure that the person understands
what they’re actually selling. There’s a difference between condos apartment
style town homes, or apartments or—— sorry—townhomes and then single-family
homes, or duplexes. So having an understanding of each different product
type and mix, and then the advantages— disadvantages of owning different
property types would be key to understanding when you’re going out
shopping for the first time. – Are there realtors that have like I guess,
specializations? So Realtors that specialize in condos, realtors that
specialize in single families. Or is it— are most Realtors just generalists that
they can help you to buy anything? –A lot of them are generalists
but at the end of the day there’s more specialization
inner-city. There would be more specialized condo real estate agents and
then there would be more specialized acreage. Obviously on the rural parts but
as a general rule overall in the City of Calgary there would be, and surrounding
areas there’d be every product that they would work with. – And speaking of specialization, I know you touched on making sure that
that realtor knows the area right, so are there Realtors that just work a
specific area of let’s say a city or a town? Yeah a lot of Realtors tend
to focus their business on a certain part of the area that typically
where they live, and then service those clients within that neighborhood.
However there’s lots that branch out and go through the city. That advantage of
having somebody that works specifically within an area or fully understands it
is that they know where to buy within a small pocket, or what’s a better area
within the community versus a real estate agent who doesn’t understand the
area completely wouldn’t understand that this is considered the east side versus
the west side all within the same community in terms of the city it’s
named you know, whatever the community may be—Symons Gate or Mackenzie
Town—Symons Gate is actually a great example, it’s a sub community of Sage
Hill so it’s not actually its own community in terms of how the cavity of
Real Estate Board defines communities. However it’s a very small pocket that
has a lot of different product types but if you wanted to live within Symons Gate
you have very limited pool to choose from. So on the resale side there’s more
opportunity there for the for the seller. – Well let’s go back in terms of questions.
So when you are talking with the realtor and more of—do you ask more questions
specifically to the product you’re looking for or do you ask questions about
the amenities—or do you ask questions about let’s say, the neighborhood? What
would be kind of the starting point? How do you go from there? – Most important would be to
choose what works for the lifestyle the buyer. So they’re looking
at whether they would want schools, whether they want to be nearby amenities
—whether they want quick access to main roads so they can get to work easier for
travel—that’s going to be key—and then working from there would be creating
your wish list and then working with what that buyer wants within those
communities that tick all those boxes. – Got it. So once you’ve settled on an actual house, what kind of I things that
you would want to check or work with the realtors in terms of checking
for that product or home? – Once they’ve found the home that
they’re looking for then they’re going to want to go through the home obviously in
detail. Understand the quality, construction, any renovations that have
been done. That’s absolutely key making sure there’s permits for all the work
that’s been done—buying a home without that is obviously a bit scary—and then
having a overall feeling for how well the home was taken care of. A lot of that
will come down to the property inspection. So after you’ve purchased
you’d be going through the home with the home inspector, room-by-room. Obviously
if there’s been damage here before, there was a leak here, making sure that all
that’s taken care of and all been properly fixed. But doing a good thorough
walkthrough with the inspector after the purchase is obviously key. – And if you want to know more about
walking through a home, check out our video above and in description below. So
do you actually need a checklist in terms of when when you’re actually buying? – It’s recommended, but the checklist—the generic one I wouldn’t
really go by. I would recommend that you create one that’s tailored to your needs.
You can work with your agent of course to say these are my wants, these are my
must-haves, these are the things that I’d like to have—but ultimately I think that
the number one thing is you choose what works for the lifestyle. So a lot of
people will say I want a nice new home and I have X budget, and then that kind
of defines where they’re going to purchase and then when they get down
into it they say, well I don’t want to commute more than 20 minutes to work.
Well that definitely doesn’t work for a lot or their criteria. So if they’re buying in a
satellite community and they’re getting the brand new home at the price point
but they’re driving an hour to work, they’re probably not going to be happy
once they move in. So it’s about adjusting that to make sure that they
get the best of both worlds which typically takes some compromise but
that’s the reality of it. – Perfect. Do you have anything else add? – No, I’m good. – Awesome. The question of the day
I have for you is: what questions did you ask your
realtor when buying your last home? As well as what are some of the critical
questions that you believe helped you to make that home purchase? Let us know
in the comment section below. If you want to watch more videos about home buying, check out these videos here as well as don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to learn more from the experts. Thank you for watching. We’ll catch you in our next video.


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    What questions did you ask your realtor when buying your last home? As well as what are some of the critical questions that you believe helped you make that home purchase?

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