Realtor Mike Sherrard on Redline
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Realtor Mike Sherrard on Redline

(light music) – Let’s start this off with, why don’t you tell us who you are. – Definitely, so my name’s Mike Sherrard. I’m 24 years old, live in
Calvary from New Brunswick. I was a mechanical
engineer through school, I also took an entrepreneurship degree and recently made the
transition into real estate. So absolutely loving it
and big things coming. – What made you decide
to jump into real estate havin’ a great career like engineering, actually like I had. – It was very much a
matter of me feeling like I plateaued in the corporate world. I went from sort of zero
to a hundred real quick in my engineering job and
loved what I was doing, but realized that in order to
get to where I wanted to be, which was climbing the corporate ladder, I would’ve had to take
multiple steps back, do a lot of technical work
that I wasn’t necessarily passionate about and I didn’t
feel like I was benefiting anyone, not even myself. I realized that real
estate was always something I was passionate about. It allowed me to help people and leveraged a lot of
my personal strengths, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to sort of take things to the next level and achieve what I
believed I was capable of. Even when I left the corporate world, every one of my managers
said that they believed if I stayed there I
would’ve been held back. So that was a blessing to hear and they were fully supportive. – Lots is goin’ on well in
your career so far, right? Why the switch now here over to Redline? – With my switch from engineering,
I felt like I plateaued. With my switch from my current brokerage, I again felt like I wasn’t
getting enough out of it. I have dreams and I have a
passion and a goal to achieve, and the aid wasn’t there. I know that I need a mentor, I know I need more help with my content and I know that in order
to achieve what I want, I need some help. And the traditional
brokerages, you sort of pay quite a hefty fee and you
don’t necessarily get the help you might desire if you
wanna go that extra mile. Looking at what Redline
does with all their media and marketing and email
conversion, follow ups, everything they do for the
clients, helping the agents too, they just seem like the perfect fit. – What would be one of
the most exciting things you’re looking forward
to in this new adventure? Coming on board with us. – One of the main things
is sort of accelerating something that I’m
already passionate about, which is the marketing side of things. You know, I see what you
guys are doing with video and content creation on a different level with the community videos
and highlighting different exciting businesses that are
doing great things in our city. I think that’s amazing
and I think the fact that giving back without
expecting anything in return, just to help others out
is something very special. And it’s something that
I’ve started doing, but ran out of time
because, like we discussed, I didn’t have the support and the backing that could help me get there. Now that I’m gonna be jumping on board with people that are able to
help me get to where I wanna be and do exciting, creative stuff that’s sort of ahead of the curve, I’m super thrilled to be doing that. – I love the idea of doin’
what we do best, right? And being creative and having
less stuff on our plates that can be scaled and can be helped with. So it allows us to be the
best versions of ourself, be the true real estate professional. Or if you’re a content creator,
it allows you to do that. I get more exited day by day at Redline because our head space is
freed up enough to explore. Mike, I’m really excited
for what you’re gonna do in this business. To me, I’m really excited,
yes you’re gonna come on board here with us and take advantage
of what we have to offer, but I can’t wait to almost be the frame around your rocket ship. To just let you go, right? And to just set the
foundation as strong as we can so that we’ve got the best setup to launch and to do with what you’re doing. So, can’t wait to have you
here with us, my friend. – Likewise, you know it’s a
blessing to make a transition over to a group that I
know is gonna support me and allow me to achieve those dreams. And it’s gonna be a for
sure thing when I have great people mentoring me like yourself. So honored, so blessed and I
can’t wait for this journey. – Awesome. Boom.

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