Realtor Marketing Ideas – How To Vlog
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Realtor Marketing Ideas – How To Vlog

♪ Ain’t afraid to face the madness ♪ ♪ Run straight into the blackness ♪ ♪ Less preaching more practice ♪ ♪ I’m addicted to the action ♪ ♪ But I don’t give in ♪ ♪ I refuse ♪ – Want a killer real estate marketing idea that no one else can duplicate? Let me show you how to make
a baller real estate blog. (upbeat music) Hey I’m Trevor, Hollywood editor turned full time real estate agent. I’ve been able to generate
a multiple six figure income in real estate creating
real estate marketing videos instead of making cold calls. I drop new videos every Tuesday, so you need to hit that subscribe
button and wack the bell so you can learn how
to do exactly the same. One of the many kinds
of videos you can create to generate more real estate
leads is a vlog, a video blog. In this video I’m gonna show
you what equipment you need to create a vlog and exactly
what to do to get people to know you, like you, and
trust you, so you can increase your sales in real estate. Stick around to the end
and I’m gonna link you to some special free
content that’ll show you how you can become a local
celebrity in your market. At this very moment, I’m in Oregon for the first time ever
visiting my granddaughter. The views and the grandkid
are making my wife wanna stay. Hey, wanna see my daughter’s place? They’re still workin’ on
it but it’s pretty sweet. First let’s talk about equipment. What camera do you need to
create a real estate vlog? Here’s what’s cool,
everybody watching this video already has exactly the camera they need to create an amazing video. It’s called your smartphone. Doesn’t matter if it’s a
iPhone, Samsung, whatever, these things are amazing. They shoot in slow
motion, they can shoot 4K, HD, 24P, 30P, they can do time lapses. These phones can do more than a cinema camera from 20 years ago. So don’t use the excuse,
no I don’t have a camera. Yes you do, it’s in your pocket. Also shoots great audio. By the way, power tip, you
want the audio to sound good with your smartphone,
just keep it close to you and be in a location
where it’s not super loud and not super echoey and you’re
audio’s gonna sound amazing. No one’s gonna know the difference. My favorite YouTuber is Casey Neistat, he’s shot like half his videos. – When I’m out running in the morning and I wanna film my runs, the
best I have is my cellphone. – Doesn’t matter, nobody
knows the difference, nobody can tell when
he’s switching cameras. About half the content
on my YouTube channels are shot with my smartphone as well. So don’t make an excuse,
just use your phone. What should you look for in a camera if you’re ready to take
it to the next level? You think your iPhone’s not quite enough, well these are some factors to consider. Number one, you want a
camera with good, continuous, auto focus so that as you
move the camera around, your faced, face, faced, stays in focus. Number two, you want something
with a flip out screen so you can frame yourself and make sure it’s exposed properly. Power tip for flip out
screens, you don’t want to look at yourself in the flip out
screen or even on your phone. You wanna look at the lens. Look where the lens is on
your phone or on your camera and look at that because people can tell when you’re not lookin’ at them. Got that? And the next thing is, you want
something with a mic input. The mics on cameras are
okay but if you can hook up an external mic like a nice shotgun mic, it’s gonna sound way better. I use the Rode VideoMic Pro linked below, but lots of mics work. Another thing you want is
something that has slow motion, the ability to shoot
at a higher frame rate so you can make a cool
looking slow motion like this. Look how cool this looks, slow motion. And you can do stuff that looks nearly that good with your iPhone. One final thing that’s
great to have in a camera is image stabilization of some kind. Right now I’m walking and talking. You do that when you vlog sometimes and it smooths out the bumps. Here’s an example, this is me running with the image stabilization off. Looks pretty jittery, right? And this is running with
the image stabilization on. Same location, same camera. But image stabilization smooths things out so they look way way better. (upbeat music) I think I know what you’re wondering now. It’s like Trevor, what camera do you use? Well I use this camera right here. That’s the Panasonic Lumix GH5. It is not a perfect camera but
it checks lots of the boxes. It’s right now towards the
end of 2019 and even though a lot of cameras have
come out since this one, this is probably still the one I’d get because it checks the most boxes. But really it doesn’t
matter what camera you get. One that you might wanna
consider for an entry level camera that does most of the things you want it to do is the Canon M50. It’s pretty awesome. Canon is known for having
the best auto focus and that is something
that is super critical. This camera isn’t super
great with the auto focus but the way my microphone is, that one, that’s the Rode VideoMic Pro on top, Rode has a bunch of mic and
there’s a bunch of other shotgun mics that are fantastic. Something you might wanna consider is if you wanna get a shotgun mic, this one costs like 200
bucks nowadays I think, you can get a lavalier
mic, that’s a clip on mic for like 20 bucks that sounds amazing. That’s another option to think about. ♪ I keep a tight grip
and a loose whereabouts ♪ As I said, my favorite
YouTuber is Casey Neistat. Who is your favorite YouTuber? Who’s your favorite daily vlogger? Go ahead and post that
in the comments below. The last piece of equipment
you wanna think about when you’re getting started is a tripod. You only need one, you need
something to hold your camera up so you can walk and
talk and use your hands and do all kinds of things. I personally love the JOBY GorillaPod, that one right there. I’ve got a few tripods but that’s the one I brought with me here in Oregon. It does everything I need it to do. I can wrap it on a two by
four, wrap it around a tree. I can bend it, make it fit anywhere. I can walk and talk and vlog with it. It’s amazing. There’s a link for it down
there if you’re interested. I love that tripod. If I could have only one tripod, it would be that one, the JOBY GorillaPod. (upbeat music) It seems like the first
thing people wanna know about when they are asking
about how to create videos is the equipment and the software. But the reality is, there is something that is a thousand times more
important than your equipment and that is the content. A lot of people wanna make vlogs. It’s super fun. That’s my favorite kind
of content to make. But that’s probably not
where you should start. I was actually out stalking Casey Neistat sort of in New York one
time and I ran into another famous YouTuber on accident
named Sara Dietschy. And this is what she said to me. – I would say in the very beginning, when you’re making videos, to actually not start out vlogging. Try out different formats of content, figure out what you
like from the beginning and then go for the quantity. But I think in the beginning,
it’s more about quality, more about what you or like
how you like to make videos. This is, it’s fun, right? – The gist is, before people
are gonna care about your life before they’re gonna care about you, oh look I got outta bed, I ate breakfast, I went to the gym and
then I started prospecting or cold calling, before
anybody cares about the little minutia in your life, you
gotta give them value first. They gotta get to know
you a little bit first. So really the only way that vlogging is gonna make sense when
you’re first starting out is if you are providing
value in your vlog. Kinda like I’m doin’ this. I’m sorta doin’ this sorta vloggy style but I’m giving you value,
I’m showing you how to vlog. For those of you that
have never seen me before, watching my daughter’s
house of the trees behind or the barn, you probably don’t even care about her, the kid, or anything like that. People that know me a little more, they might be more interested. But for those of you that don’t know me, the value is in what I’m
teaching you about how to vlog. So when you create a vlog now, if you’re doing it early on
in your video making career, you want to create a vlog
that entertains them, that informs them, or inspires them. You want to be able to touch the hearts, reach the people that you
are creating this video for in a way other than
just showing your life. There are a million ways you can do that. You just need to be a little bit creative. One example would be to
go to a place of interest in your community and do it vlog style where you show you getting
ready, going to the location, showing the features of that location, like I did here for this video of Leo Carrillo State
Beach in my community. Speaking of the content, the
next most important thing to think about when creating vlogs is try not to die walkin’ down this hill. My daughter’s property’s
on 33 acres in Oregon and right now they’re
having some logging done to clear it out, it’s like
it’s super thick up here. What’s super important is to tell stories. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple story just needs to
have a beginning and an end. Little more common,
beginning, middle, end. Set up, conflict, resolution. That’s it, you gotta tell a story. You can’t just come in
here and spout facts. No body cares about facts. I mean yeah, but just a tutorial. You can kinda get by with telling facts but you wanna create a
connection with your people, make sure you tell a little bit of story. Create a little bit of
a beginning, set it up. Create a little bit of conflict and then a little resolution. Like how am I gonna survive
getting down this hill? Like this property, I’ve
seen like three acres of it and I’m freaking out of breath trying to walk through it
finding places to shoot. It’s super beautiful. One thing you could do is
create and overarching story like in this case it might be how Trevor was able to play with his video camera and drone while his little daughter and the grandbaby were out sanding and painting cabinets at the
house, like all day long. That could be the overarching story but within the story you
can have little mini-stories like how Trevor survived
marching across 32 acres or the history of the
barn or what’s going on with this logging and how that happened or is Trevor gonna have
enough battery power to finish shooting this? Another power tip, get
enough battery power. I mean like right now I’m out here and my phone is about to
die but I was ready for that because I got this
thing and my 10% battery is now all the way up
to, guess what it’s up to after a couple seconds, 12%. Pretty great. I also brought three batteries for my GH5 and I’m on 1 1/2, will I make it? So that could be another little thing. Will Trevor be able to record this without having to charge
his batteries and stuff? You know, it could be little teeny, doesn’t have to be anything amazing. That’s what I’m saying,
just tell little stories and it’s gonna make your
videos a thousand times better. Let’s assume you’re a real estate agent and you put together an amazing
real estate marketing vlog, something that your buyers and
sellers actually wanna watch. How do you convert those
eyeballs in to leads? Got any ideas there tiny human? Let’s see what she has to say. This is huge and it’s
actually the one thing that almost every real estate
marketing video misses. You have to have a clear and
compelling call to action with every single video you create. For example, if you’re doing
a real estate marketing vlog about your favorite beach,
you could offer a downloadable PDF with the top 10 beaches in your area featuring a ranking from
super chill and kid friendly up to only for surfer bros. I was gonna have tiny human
sitting on my left for this part of the video but she
had her vaccines today and she’s not happy. I’m at the barn, the
house is way over there and I can hear her crying from there. Poor kid. Tylenol hasn’t kicked in yet. You then wanna capture their information with something like
Leadpages or Click Funnels and then have their
information automatically imported into your CRM. Doesn’t matter which CRM you use. A couple that I really
like are linked down below. The purpose of your real
estate marketing video is to generate leads so
you can sell more houses. A fun and well shot video
that gets their interest is gonna do little to help your business if you don’t tell them exactly
what you want them to do. If you don’t tell ’em what to do, they’re gonna go on to the next video. Near the top of the video,
you should tease them with a reason to stick around
to the end of the video. For example you can say something like hey stick around to the end of this video and I’m gonna offer you something for free that you don’t wanna miss. When you’re doing real estate
marketing videos like this, vlogs, it not only builds that
get to know you trust factor but it also establishes you as
the expert in your community so when they are thinking
of buying or selling a house you’re the one they’re gonna think about. You can even become a
local celebrity of sorts. But if you don’t tell them
exactly what you want them to do at the end of that video your results aren’t gonna be nearly what they could be. Again most agents miss this completely. And I don’t mean say hey call me if you wanna buy or sell a house. I mean give them a link to click so they have something they can download, something that you offer them
that they really wanna have. If you do this you’re gonna
crush it because 99.9% of agents, even those making
videos, aren’t doing this. You wanna stand out, right? Another thing that’s
gonna make your videos a million times more
watchable is using B roll. B roll is anything other
than the main shot. Right now I’m the A roll,
they kinda don’t really say that anymore but I’m the A roll, the main shot, me talking to the camera and when I start talking
to you about a barn or the trees or my
granddaughter, little tiny human, and I show those things, that’s B roll. People have very short attention spans and if all you’re doing is standing there talking to the camera at the same place and all they see is your face, they’re gonna get bored and
they’re gonna check out. You gotta show ’em B roll. Trouncing through these
trees like a genius, I’m wearing my crossfit shoes
with little no-show socks and I am trouncing through what I’m pretty sure is poison oak. My ankle itches. I wonder if I got poison oak on my ankle. I hate that stuff. Another way to break up your video is to do something that
Casey Neistat teaches. Whoa, ah. Whoa, okay, gotta watch
where you’re going. Okay, which is to break up your shots with locked off shots,
that’s shots that are on a tripod holding still and shots where you’re
walking and talking like this. All of this walking and talking shaky cam can get a little bit annoying so sometimes you gotta set our camera down on a tripod like I showed
you before and slow down and give people a chance to breath. And then you can maybe
pick it up and keep going. Another really important
tip is to keep it moving. You need to be saying something new or showing them something
new every second of the video or they’re gonna check it out. Keep it rolling. I learned this from a beauty vlogger. When you’re editing the video,
watch it when you’re done and if you start to get
bored of your own video that means that it’s gonna
be boring to other people. Just delete it. Short is better if it’s
gonna keep their attention. So how long should your video be? It should be as long as it needs to be to convey the information
that you’re trying to share, no longer, no shorter. Typically videos that are
longer do better on YouTube but only if they’re delivering value and they’re entertaining, inspiring, or informing the entire time. So if you can get your point across in five minutes, that’s great. If it takes 15 minutes, that’s great, as long as people stay engaged. YouTube’s most important
metric is watch time. If people watch all or
most of your videos, YouTube is gonna share your video more and it’s gonna get more track, it’s gonna be this big
snowball I always talk about. Several years ago Casey Neistat started. – A proper daily vlog. – He said something like. – I’m going to make a movie every day. – Instead of just showing oh here’s my day he was gonna make it cinematic,
doing all those things that make it feel like a
movie with cinematic shots. Instead of just talkin’ to the camera and showing some B roll shots, make it so it’s like it’s a movie, so you can see those
close ups, those wides, those medium shots and put it together like a cinematic movie. It takes way more effort. Sometimes you can maybe do
that because it makes it, it’s way more fun, I love doin’
that kinda stuff number one and number two it’s gonna stand out. So just one more little
trick up your sleeves when you wanna get just
a little bit fancier. I can’t be Casey Neistat or Peter McKinnon or my fantasy is to be
like you know their child, but I can be me, I can
learn from those guys, and I can maybe implement some of the tips and tricks they have for me. But the most important
thing that you can do when creating any video is to be yourself, be your genuine self because
nobody else can be you. For the record, in case
you were wondering, I was able to make the
batteries last the entire time. Drone battery almost ran out
while the drone was in air but I got it down in time
and the women did most of the work all day working on the house. So success. I think my hair’s about
done with this shoot. Hey if you wanna learn more about creating better videos so you can sell more houses, I’ve got a freaking
amazing, free master class at Go ahead and check it out. The link is below or just go
to For some more awesome video tutorials, go ahead and click that right up there. If you want to see the vlogs I’ve created, go ahead and click there,
don’t forget to subscribe and smash that like button. By the way again, who’s
your favorite YouTuber? Anybody you follow on YouTube? Go ahead and post that
in the comments below. I can’t wait to see the
stories you have to share. (speaking gibberish)


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