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Licensed Real Estate Agent Investor Marketing
Tips Hi! It’s Neva at and
today I’m answering a question that came on my Facebook page after my last video when
I told you that I wholesale and I do have a real estate license as well.
Here’s the question. It’s from Fannie, I hope I said the name right. And she says, “Hi Neva!
I’m a wholesaler who has my license as well. I have done a wholesale deal but going forward,
it keeps boggling my mind how I keep this separate. I watched your video and just was
wondering can I see one of your marketing pieces on how you state you�re a realtor
and also, do you do Yellow Letters as well?” Thank you for sending me the question. And
you guys, you can always send me an email on Facebook. I’m the only one that checks
my messages. Basically what I do is I’ll do a video and answer the question.
The first question that’s quick, I don’t do Yellow Ladders. And all my post card, I don’t
have one of my new post card with the realtor on it but I can show you. This is so easy.
This is my post card. It’s the same one I’ve been using forever but I’m going to show you
what I did. The changes on it, here you’ll see where it has Neva Williams and right under
it has Real Estate Buyer, right? The only change is that it says owner is a licensed
real estate agent, okay? That’s the only difference that that’s on this card, right?
And then how I keep it separate? This is just how I do. Who knows what other people do.
But what I do, it’s two separate companies that I have. I have All Above Home Buyers
which is where we buy houses cash at a discount and in All Above Group, it is actually where
I’m affiliate with Keller Williams and we focus on traditional sales.
If you to my website, and you go to you’ll see
that it’s completely separate marketing. And for me so far it has worked the best because
I find when I try to just have one side or to combine it that, people were confused exactly
what it is that I was trying to do. Am I trying to sell it or at the max am I trying to buy
it? For me like I said, when I propose it to sellers
I say, “My division of my company, All Above Home Buyers, we can buy the property cash
at a discount and close quickly within seven days or our division All Above Group, we can
market the property and we can market it to get full retail value.” That’s how I do it.
It is two separate divisions that I keep because to me it’s just been more successful explaining
it to the sellers that way. That’s why I set it up that way and that’s when I actually
store it to close deals on the traditional side as well as on the cash buyer side but
people not being totally confused. If people are confused, then you are going to lose the
deal on both sides because no one wants to sign a contract and they’re really confused
what’s going on. That’s my advice. That’s how I do it. I’ll
catch you later and I’ll see you next week for the next video. Bye-Bye

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