Realtor Confessions 🏠 What Buyers REALLY Think of Your House | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY
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Realtor Confessions 🏠 What Buyers REALLY Think of Your House | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

is that bacon did they have bacon for
breakfast look at that dirt and dog hair on the baseboards wow these people
really like tequila that is the ugliest pane color I have ever seen have they
ever changed that air filter they’re never gonna get that price for this
house hi everybody I’m Melanie Atkinson realtor with Smith & Associates in
beautiful Tampa Bay Florida and today I’m talking to you home sellers out
there I’ve shown thousands of homes in my real estate career and there’s one
thing that’s true for almost all buyers they make observations on your home as
soon as they walk in and some of them are not so nice
buyers opinions can be brutally honest sometimes so I wanted you to learn from
what I have observed during my years in real estate for a buyer to want to
purchase your home they have to connect with it in a personal way they use all
five of their senses when they’re in your house and often will verbalize what
they’re thinking so here are some of the most common brutally honest observations
that I hear from buyers smells whether it’s food smells pet smells cigarette
smells or overly aggressive air freshener smells nothing turns off a
buyer faster than a smell that they don’t like seriously people this is the
number one issue have every neighbor that you know come to your house before
you list it and find out if they have any negative reactions to the smells of
your home listen to your real estate agent if he or she tells you that
there’s a smell that needs to be fixed and please do not try to cover up
unpleasant smells with very strong air fresheners it doesn’t work and they make
us sneeze if you have unpleasant odors you need to go to the source of the odor
so and a lot of times that requires you to replace carpet to paint your home to
clean out your air ducts and to remove the furniture in your home especially
the ones that your pets really love to sit on next don’t cook any foods with
pungent odors I know that’s hard because you’re living there and you have to feed
your family but it’s really really important that
your home doesn’t have a lingering smell of what you just ate smells personalized
a house very quickly think of how many memories you can bring up just based on
smells positive or negative memories so when a buyer walks in your house the
smell that they observe will either give them a positive a negative or neutral
reaction a positive or neutral reaction is what you’re aiming for whenever
you’re trying to sell your house having a house without any unpleasant odors
will mean thousands of dollars for you personalized pictures actually like
houses that aren’t completely sanitized of personal pictures I know that every
real estate advice article and video out there says 2d personalized your house
but I’ve personally never seen a buyer get turned off by a few lovely family
photos I have however seen buyers take away too much of their time looking at
your 2002 Spring Break photo collage on your wall instead of your house you
definitely need to take down casual personal photos and let’s talk about
your 20 gorgeous wedding photos take down almost all of them trust me on this
one you would be surprised how wedding photos can ignite a negative reaction in
certain buyers yes the happy new married couples might love to come in and look
at your pictures that compare your wedding day to their wedding day but the
unhappy newly divorced buyers don’t really want to see all your wedding
photos it’s my experience that buyers like to see a few happy photos in your
house it does give a happier vibe to a house however you don’t want your
personal pictures to take away from the house itself house nicknames your house
will definitely get a nickname every buyer does it buyers come in they look
at your house they remember one or two things and then they give the house a
nickname for instance just the other day I had a buyer tell me hey Melanie I
really like the zebra house now that house doesn’t have zebras but it had a
really cool picture of a zebra above the couch so that’s how they remembered the
house you want buyers to remember your house and give it a nickname of
something positive so if they nickname your house after something that they
didn’t like or after a strange personal item that they see then they’re probably
not going to buy your house I remember not long ago
showing a house where the sellers were clearly tequila connoisseurs so for
every conversation that we had about that house we called it the tequila
house now the buyers didn’t necessarily have a negative view of tequila itself
it was just the way that they remembered it now they didn’t end up buying that
house I do know that if buyers nickname a house with something positive they are
much more likely to buy it here’s a protip for you kids love to look at
pictures of houses online with their parents a perfectly placed stuffed dog
or stuffed bear can go a long way in getting a kid to like your house then
you can be the teddy bear house dirt dust and hair now I know it’s really
hard to keep a house clean whenever you have a family and pets living in it but
it’s really really important dirty’ baseboards dog hair on the floor
mold in your shower an air filter that has dust all over it those are all
things that buyers notice right away when they walk into your house and it is
a major turnoff make sure you have a deep cleaning before you list your home
and then spend the money to have someone come weekly to keep your home clean
while you’re showing it the amount that a buyer devalues your house far exceeds
the cost of having it cleaned make that investment is this house worth the price
almost immediately a buyer will make an assessment of what they think the house
is worth they make that decision a lot of times based on how much work they
think the house needs buyers who don’t like your cosmetic finishes will always
overestimate how much it will cost to replace them now it’s impossible to
appeal to every buyers taste in cosmetic finishes so som easy cosmetic changes
that don’t cost too much money but will make a big difference in how buyers see
your house interior and exterior paint pick a modern color that works with the
rest of your house that wallpaper that you put up 10 years ago it needs to come
down I promise you buyers don’t want it up new light and plumbing fixtures are
pretty inexpensive and will give your whole room
a new look and finally replacing worn carpet is a pretty easy and inexpensive
thing to do and it goes a long way follow your Realtors advice and take
care of those inexpensive cosmetic updates that buyers might object to in
general as a home seller you want the buyers to focus on your home and not the
things in your home all of the other selling rules apply here to take a look
at my video call 5 home selling pitfalls that you need to avoid and do all of
those things too if you do all of that you’ll be well-prepared to sell your
house this year and if you live in the tampa area and you need some help
selling your home please call me I’d love to help thank you so much for
watching this video if you liked it and found it helpful please click the like
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com thank you again and I’ll see you next time with love Melanie


  • Jeni Rawlins: Roots Realty Group

    I love that you said we all give houses nicknames! After a day of showing houses every house for sure has a nickname! Good way to think of your new listing and what the nickname will be!

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