Ranks Home of WIU “A Least Expensive College Town”
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[Text on screen]: Macomb, IL: Ranked 3rd Least Expensive College Town in America Western Illinois University President Jack Thomas: We are excited that Macomb has been named the third least expensive city in the country. [Text on screen]: America’s Least Expensive College Towns We are very proud of that and we play a great part in that. We are the largest entity here in the City of Macomb. We are a college town, and Western Illinois University parters with the town and has a lot of activities. There are a lot of cultural type of events that we have here on campus. A lot of plays through our theater program, musicals, and through athletics we have various games, homecoming, and our students are engaged in community service, through the community, as well as here on the campus. Macomb Mayor Mike Inman: The University’s presence here adds a dynamic we can never enjoy without the cultural aspect, the events that come to this community because of the University. The international student population that is here because of the institution. Dr. Jack Thomas: This is a very friendly campus, and friendly University. People will work with you People here are like a family. Also, when you go into the town of Macomb. That is a friendly place to be. People are very friendly and willing to help. Macomb Mayor Mike Inman: I think we could highlight the fact that you could send your student here, first and foremost, they’re are going to be safe. They are going to be treated with respect and, they are going to have an opportunity to grow, Their basic needs, both academically and socially alike, are going to be met here. Dr. Jack Thomas: We want to make sure our students, coming here as first-time freshmen, that they get acclimated to not just the University but getting acclimated to the city of Macomb, and knowing where things are, and we want to make sure that they are successful. Therefore, we encourage them to ask questions and we work with them as much as we can. We want them to be successful in the classroom, as well as the outside of the classroom. That’s apart of the total student experience here at Western. Horn Field Campus Coordinator Mindy Pheiffer: Thats what I think makes living here, in Macomb, a wonderful place to live, is there are so many different types of recreational opportunities because of the Univesity. I often say that you can go somewhere every night, whether it’s a lecture, a musical performance, an athletic event, an art showing, or even coming to a place like Horn Field Campus. So, yes, we have a wealth of leisure opportunities in the area. Macomb Mayor Mike Inman: There are a series of standing festivals and celebrations that go on year after year without exception. They draw people to the community. they provide good, wholesome, valued entertainment, and many of them are free, and those that aren’t free are very affordable. Dr. Jack Thomas: Whenever there are events, particularly events involving the town we try to partner, and we try to make sure these events are affordable for not just our students, but individuals off campus and in our community. Macomb Mayor Mike Inman: We have two excellent examples of nature here. Argyle Lake State Park has recently underwent a several million dollar rehab. It is easy to get around. There are advanced trails there, hiking, canoeing, water access. Same with Spring Lake. That’s a city-owned facility just on the north edge of town. That has undergone some significant improvements in the last year, and there are some additional improvements planned. Horn Field Campus Coordinator Mindy Pheiffer: I would say the most well known event at Horn Field campus is the Corn Maze. Every fall, we open a corn maze, it’s 11 acres so its a pretty big size. We do like to keep things affordable. Because, yes, the area we live in, because we don’t want to exclude anyone from being able to use one of these amenities out here in the community, or to be able come out to the corn maze, and have to worry about pricing. So we do keep pricing low. Macomb Mayor Mike Inman: A community this size would never have exposure to folks from other cultures that we have because of [Amtrak], and I think we are a much better place for it.

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