• Z T

    It’s strange how no police where there to protect her. Somethings amiss.

    Unfortunately that’s the only way we are allowed to protect ourselves in the Bay Area, scream and hope for the beast. Sad part, this guy might be a person with a criminal record of child molestation so he will have many lawyers lining up to help represent him, pro bono of course. He probably has more rights than the woman he allegedly pushes into the rose bushes. Well hopefully Gavin will raise some more Taxes to help pay for his re-education. Poor guy is a complete victim of the system and really needs a whole branch of the state government to help him. With complete subsidies to help with the expense. I’m sure there will also need to be many non-profit groups established to help guide him through the highly cumbersome process that is state government subsidies. Good thing our great state of California is so progressive in finding was of helping poor unfortunate groups of marginalized members of our state society. Warms my heart to think of the good we do.

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