Realtor Answers Funny Questions From The Internet | Apartments (Yahoo Answers & Quora!)
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Realtor Answers Funny Questions From The Internet | Apartments (Yahoo Answers & Quora!)

Your landlord is sneaking into your
apartment and leaving bread and your lights on when you are not home. This is Hilarious. Realtors From Apartments Near Me Reacts to Yahoo Answers from Landlords and Tenants And Some Questions from Quora First question, my landlord gave me 24
hours to get rid of my pet chimp Bingo doesn’t bingo have rights too? We can’t
just dump him off somewhere. Well if it’s a chimpanzee, you might be in violation
of some apartment rules there it would be specified the lease and i’m pretty sure
chimpanzees are not allowed. We can’t just dump him off somewhere. I think
Bingo’s gonna have to find a new home. Next question. My Rents the highest it
has ever been why isn’t Trump doing anything about it.
“He doesn’t seem like a very bright guy” Well unfortunately I don’t think Trump
controls the rents however when there’s a strong economy everything goes up in
price so maybe that’s part of the problem. I’m not sure.. I don’t know we’ll
see in 2020 if the rents go down. Next question. My roommate writes his
checks out on the amount line “Fo hunnit and fitty” and writes out 450,
the landlord says he will no longer accept it. I think your roommate may need
to your roommate may need to use some proper English I mean at least for his
landlord I don’t know if the landlord is a pretty straight edge guy but that may
be the issue here. “Fo Hunnit and Fiddy” yeah I’m not sure what to do there I think he
should probably start using some better English that you’ll satisfy his uh his landlord. I heard from other tenants that a lady in my building
is doing psychic readings I saw an actually placed offering readings my
question is as the amount is does this amount to running a home business? I don’t
like the idea of psychics conning people. Can I send her a cease and desist notice?
Well technically it is a home business! PS I am looking at zoning regulations to
do I just don’t know if these psychic readings qualified as a home
business and therefore a violation of zoning laws. Oh my gosh they may need to
do some stuff with their building. My apartment has a serious roach problem.
Should I move out or sign a year-long lease in six days. Well here’s the deal
if you sign the lease and you haven’t asked maintenance to come or pest
control people to come. The apartments have it set up but if it’s a lower end
apartment complex and you have a roach problems then you need to figure it out.
I would go straight to the top that’s usually how we get stuff done is if you
have a bad problem don’t talk to a leasing agent, just go straight to the
manager of the property they want to keep you happy so they probably don’t
know about the roaches that’s something that you need to bring to their
attention and if they refuse to do anything then maybe find other options.
My landlord is coming into my apartment and leaving bread and my lights on when
I am NOT home what can I do about this? Your landlord is sneaking into your
apartment and leaving bread and your lights on when you are not home
this is hilarious what do you do about that.
I mean he’s leaving bread in your life zone when you are not home I can assure
you any landlord it’s worth their salt, is not spending their free time base
breaking into their tenants residents and leaving the lights on and loading up
on carbs. That is absolutely hilarious if you’re looking for the real answer the
landlord actually has to give you a written notice before entering the
property pay go where you are it’s 24 to 48 hours. So they can let you know and
we’re gonna be sneaking in leaving the lights on and eating bread next
questions. Okay well a few weeks ago the apartment above me was rated with police
because they were dealing drugs he says now I walked out of my apartment this
morning and I found a a bag of drugs along with the scale bag
to the cell phone in the fan of my truck my question is is there some way I’d be
able to get out of my lease for safety reasons and because now it’s gotten
personal. I’m a single mom with two kids help me. If that is the case in your
environment is this dangerous you can file a suit you can get out of your
lease because you were in an unsafe environment and if there is that much
drugs going on maybe you can. I don’t know if there’s actually open bag of
drugs and cell phone being left in the bed of a truck but she says it’s getting
personal so we’ll see what happens with that one. That is definitely
interesting. She says she is an unsafe apartment. She goes: “I’m a Single Mom
with a soon to be three year old there has this is way out of line”. Well that
is not good I think she should do something to get out of that apartment and into
a better spot. All right next question is: “This question is for people who rent
apartments does your landlord provide you a lawn mower to cut your own lawn?”
This.. this can’t be real. “I am renting an apartment and I was wondering if the
landlord is the one who should provide you with a lawn mower to mow my
part of the lawn or do I have to pay out of pocket for a lawn mower for a place
I’m only going to be renting for a year”. Bud.. you don’t have to mow your apartment.
Luckily they have their own lawn care on-site or management company and that
does it for you so you do not need to borrow a lawn mower or get one for an
apartment because.. oh my gosh this is hilarious he’s asking for a lawn mower to mow his
apartment. I can’t believe this. “Is it racist if I refuse to lease out my
apartment Indian tennis?” Yes if they are qualified ten however if they don’t meet
the lease qualifications, they have bad credit, they are breaking the lease, then
yes you can legally and non racially refused to lease out the apartment
however if they are qualified tenants and they meet all the parameters of filling an
apartment you will be fine. Well not if they meet all their requirements so
it’ll be racist and not Lease to them just because they are Indian. “Here
you go, you get fined five thousand dollars and if they sue you, you will win it will would cost you about 40…” You don’t want to get into the legal battle on that matter so, be a good person. All right moving on next question.
“Moving out of the apartment and the landlord found minuscule bag of drugs. I
recently moved out of my apartment My landlord found a 90% empty ridiculously
small bag of cocaine left on the ground of the closet I don’t know how I got
there but I’m freaking out because I do not want to get in legal trouble for
something like this I left the place super clean upon leaving and somehow
missed this.” hmmm. No idea where that came from. You kind of put yourself in a sticky
situation admitting that it is your bag of cocaine maybe the cleaners left it
there. I don’t know. This answer came out of your coat pocket. You left a
bag a cookie you put yourself in a bind there. “What should I do with the tenant he says
he doesn’t have to pay rent because he’s a free man of the land” Alright I guess
this question comes from an apartment owner. “..because he is a free man of the
land”. I like this guy I think you should uh I think she just let him stay for
free! “you’re free ban tenant is a sovereign citizen if you don’t know what
that is a sovereign citizens a person believes the law of United States,
the laws of the United States do not apply to him or her because federal law
is a contract requiring mutual consent partic- participation is voluntary” So
you got a guy’s not paying rent because he says he’s a free man of the land well just say you pay you stay, if you don’t you’re gone!
“What should I do with a tenant that doesn’t pay rent because he’s a free man of the land” Tell Him your building ain’t free and kick him out! “Has anyone successfully sabotage an
appliance in a rental property to get a new one?”
James Smith. I don’t think that’s his real name
yes they have, I think you can do that but is it morally right? Absolutely
not. Maybe you and the free man of the land can link up.
“Has anyone successfully sabotaged an appliance” oh my gosh.. People actually do that though! They’re shady, they break their appliances and say it’s broken when
it’s actually working just fine. It happens man it really does! Next question.
“If I find surveillance bugs in my apartments, do I have the legal right to
destroy them?” Buddy, I don’t think your apartments bugged. “One of my coworkers recently ran into a similar problem flying to the U.S. from our headquarters
in Germany” Guys it’s 2019 not 1945. I mean yeah I think you have the right to
destroy them and what are you gonna do talk into them real slow? “Find surveillance bugs in my apartment do I have a legal right to destroy them?” Call the cops ask them or better yet just talk into them and maybe the Cops will respond to you. “My
daughter bought an apartment the contract is signed if she moved in the
agency called and said they forgot to take urgent roads out and want her to
bring them back to their office what should she do?” Well if she wants to be a nice person just bringing the Persian rugs back to the office however, it’s not her
responsibility. She bought the property and it’s the agency’s responsibility if
something is left in the apartment upon moving. It is not your obligation to
bring it back to them to the agency should pull their stuff together and pick them up from her. What kind of person leaves the rugs
in the apartments and ask the new a new tenant or owner to pick them up? That’s
hilarious! So that’s all I have time for y’all and if you have any questions feel
free to contact us Apartments Near Me, we are on Instagram we’ll be happy to
answer any of your questions and if you are in anywhere in Texas, we will help
you find an apartment!


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