Real-Time Client Communication Fuels Real Estate Leader’s Growth
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Real-Time Client Communication Fuels Real Estate Leader’s Growth

Colliers International Wisconsin is the
only full-service real estate company in the state of Wisconsin Our customers are anywhere from single ownership entities of real estate to large international
corporations Smartsheet has been integral in not only growing our company and growing our business, but showing that integrity to our clients. A client can see everything that is going on with our team real time I was brought on for a specific client. It was a large banking institution They were tracking everything in an excel sheet and it was being passed around from person to person It was never up to date I then went looking for a new solution. I found Smartsheet It was amazing with our client. We then realized if we could use this on one client let’s bring it out to the entire office and we have grown since then It is so easy. It’s so intuitive. Every project is unique and different and Smartsheet allows us to really tailor the needs to that specific
client and the team using it Smartsheet has helped us with managing
multi-million dollar projects. There’s so many moving parts and pieces that you
don’t want any information to fall through the cracks and having that as a way of communicating and tracking information has really been something that adds value for our clients If we are not able to make a deadline it could cost a company millions of dollars Our customers need to be able to know why they made a decision, when they made a decision, and who made that decision Smartsheet has allowed us to be able to provide that information instantaneously They’re not making a decision based on half information and they’re also meeting all their deadlines I was already impressed with the
notifications and the alerts and the accountability it allows us to have, but
really this push notification of this accept/decline has been huge It really sets us apart from our competitors and helps us gain more business moving
forward If you want to really elevate your
company to the next level and really impress upon your clients that they want to work with you then you need to utilize Smartsheet

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