Real Estate Master IIIx Solving LTV Loan to Value How To
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Real Estate Master IIIx Solving LTV Loan to Value How To

Now let me show you how we calculate
loan to value on the calculator. We’re gonna go ahead and enter in a
two hundred and fifty thousand dollar price and we have a known down payment of
forty five thousand, so we’ll put that right in the down payment. We’re going to press down payment
again because the second function of down payment is our loan to value, which would give us a down payment
percentage of eighteen percent. Press down payment one more time.
It would give us a loan to value of eighty two percent, so we know that we are above our eighty
percent and we’ll probably have to deal with mortgage
insurance. So if you forget just press down
payment again. This will give us our dollar amount that we originally entered.
Press it one more time and this would give you the down payment percentage. One more time will give us our loan to value. So that’s a quick overview on the loan
to value function. For more details you can download our user’s guide at

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