Real Estate Is Not For You If…

You know you can hang on this channel and
be like, “Wow, Kris thinks real estate is for everybody.” and part of me kind of does but the reality
is, real estate may not be for you if you fall into one of these 5 categories. That’s coming your way right now. So I’m going to share with you my top 5 reasons
why real estate may not be for you, okay. Real estate is not for you if… Let’s talk about these 5 reasons and break
it down because there are some people that really shouldn’t be in the game of real estate
and often failed expectations why we become disappointed in life so let’s save you a lot
of heartache and disappointment by just sharing with you upfront some of the things you need
to know and expect about real estate. Number one, you’re going to struggle with
real estate if you’re afraid of getting out of the box. There’s fear because society has bred us in
a certain way that says go to college, get a degree and then work in a company, work
there for 40 years, put money in a 401k, get your match, set aside an IRA, try to pay off
your house and then be done. Okay, society’s game plan is not a bad game
plan, it’s a smart game plan for the average person that doesn’t have a plan. If you’re looking at real estate, it’s because
you might have started to realize that society’s plan i anemic and it falls short, you could
even classify it as broken because you could follow this great plan for 40 years and that
retirement have very little of what you actually need for retirement and so, if you’re really
attached to society’s plan, I’m just going to tell you right now, real estate is outside
of the box. It’s a business, you’re becoming an entrepreneur
whether you’re doing the work or not and that business mindset means you that you need some
mental training, you need some mental strength training to learn how to be a business owner
because they employee mindset is, I check in, I check out and I get a check and real
estate says, I got to do things and I got to work and I got to be self-motivated, no
one’s riding my back and so I got to be in charge of this. That’s a different mindset so the first one
is, if you’re afraid of getting out of the box, you will probably make it easier and
potentially create your own stumbling box. Okay, reason number 2 real estate may not
be for you is if you’re an emotional human being that ca’t separate business and emotion. Real estate and winning in it is really a
game of getting to the crucial numbers and knowing how to crunch them to know when you
have a winner or not and a lot of people that are highly emotionally charged will look for
the real estate deals that emotionally speak to them or excite them or cause them to think
in romantic ways about their dream homes. Let me tell you right now, real estate is
not a romantic sport, it’s not heartless, it’s actually filled with heart but not necessarily
the emotion that says I’m falling in love with the house. I want you to fall in love with the numbers,
I want you to fall in love with the deals. So if you’re an emotional human being, you
need someone on your team that can help balance that because I can’t tell you how many times
I sat down with someone that got so romantically involved with an idea of a home and they just
had to do it and years later turned back and was like, that was a nightmare. Well of course it was, you weren’t thinking
straight, you were thinking just with the heart and weren’t thinking as far as numbers
go and real estate, you got to be in your head to know those numbers so that you have
a winner. So where can you be an emotional human being? I want you to be emotionally charged about
putting someone in that home and giving them an opportunity for home ownership or beautiful
home to stay in. I want you to be emotionally charged with
your goals and your dreams and things that you want to create but when it comes down
to doing the deal, the numbers. Third reason why real estate may not be for
you is if you’re afraid of debt. When you buy a home, you’re not going to buy
home paid off, that’s not how you capitalize on great ROI’s, we’re controlling debt for
short period of time, we’re buying a home, we don’t have a goal of paying it off, we’re
not doing the 30-year game plan here. It’s like, well if I buy it, I’m paying my
mortgage 30 years and now it’s paid off. Better, I’ll actually go negative because
I can afford to take the hit. I’m going to do a 15-year mortgage and pay
it off. We’re not paying off houses through banks,
they want to get their money back 2 to 3 times over. We’re going to play the game a little bit
differently, we’re going to control the home, we’re going to get great games and profits
on it and then we’re going to release it by selling that home and eliminating that debt. Real estate is game of controlling a lot of
positive debt. You know, I’ve shot a video about good debt
and bad debt. Make sure you watch that if you’re like, “You
just said debt is positive, Kris Krohn? Are you smoking something? Are you crazy?” No, I’m not smoking anything and I’m certainly
not crazy, there’s actually one word in the human language for two very different things
and one is a bad version and one is a good version. Debt, it can be good and debt, it can be bad. So get educated on that because you got to
get accustomed to controlling debt and having debt and if that debt makes you money, that’s
what we call a positive debt. Okay, third reason real estate make not be
for you, you’re lazy. Lazy people that don’t want to work, don’t
want to put in the effort and just don’t like efforting of working, that can be a problem
but you’re totally a hundred percent allowed to be lazy, some classified me as lazy cause
I got a team. I don’t really call that lazy, I call that
smart. I know the things that I like to do and I
know the things that I don’t. If you’re never landlorded before and you
buy your real estate and you’re going to play landlord, you’re going to put the tenant in
the home, you’re going to deal with vacancies, you’re going to deal with loss rent for those
months, you’re going to deal with talking to them about the repairs, you’re going to
be dealing with a lot of entitled people and if you know already right now, oh my gosh,
that does not sound fun to me, that is something that can really hurt you, so the solution
is to have a team and a lot of people will hire me or my team and say, “Hey, will you
help me do my real estate deal?” I’ve found ways to do that and leave you with
100% of the profits. So a lot of people, if you don’t have a team
backing you up or you’re lazy, real estate is definitely not for you. And the fourth and final and maybe the most
important reason is real estate is not a get rich quick fix. At least not the way that I do it. If you want it safe, sustainable, if you want
it to work long term for you then the reality is, it’s going to take time and my belief
is that real estate portfolios need 5 to 10 years to match your way and turn into a level
of cash flow and equity and net worth that can create financial freedom for you. So if you’re wanting it to be get rich quick,
you’re going to gravitate towards strategies like flips and aggressive flips and some other
strategies that people get hurt in every single day in real estate. You can do them the right way but when you’re
and you don’t have the team and you don’t have the help, it may not work out for you. There’s a lot of blind spots and unforseenables
when you’re brand new to the game of real estate. So just for a review friends, we’re talking
about real estate, it may not be for you if you have one of these 5 situations. Number 1, you’re afraid of escaping society’s
box and you like the comfort it provides. Number 2, you’re an emotional human being
and real estate is an emotional game versus the numbers game. Number 3, you’re afraid of debt and you don’t
want to have any debt in your life. Number 4, you’re lazy or you want to figure
out how to do it on your own even though you’re not going to enjoy it and don’t have the access
to team and number 5, you’re in it because you just want to get rich quick. Real estate can create a tremendous amount
of wealth and it can create freedom but in my world, it takes a team of people to make
that happen. If you want to learn more about my team, click
the link up here so that we can educate you on your different options on how we can train
you, work with you, help you, and even do it for you and otherwise, if those 5 things
are for you, don’t ply the game of real estate, it’s not for you. Listen, if you don’t fall into one of those
5 categories, then what that really means by inverse, is that real estate is absolutely
for you, it’s right up your alley. And if you want to know the shortcuts on how
to get fast, check out my website up here and otherwise, comment, subscribe and ring
the bell, I got more training coming your way tomorrow.

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