Real Estate Investing – When Should You Invest In Real Estate?
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Real Estate Investing – When Should You Invest In Real Estate?


  • Dan Lok

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  • Duvon G.

    by age 30 latest I should be able to invest in real estate because I have a high income skill business and i'm making probably waay more than any typical 19 year old in my country or even people on minimum wage and I just started college.

  • Gamingwithkoalas105 Koala

    I am 14 years old and I am thirsty to absorb information from financial literacy books that I can obtain and use in the future. I sometimes get mocked for reading these types of books at my school and at my age but this is a learning curve for me and an actual book that holds information that can help me in reality. While my friends read fantasy books. Should I keep going and be ahead of the game? I'm very thankful my parents are very supportive and I am also glad to have found your YouTube channel today just subscribed!

    Also quick question, my parents always say that it is better to invest in real-estate then stocks are they right? thank you for taking your time and going straight to the point!

  • steve anonby

    Good sound advice Dan, thank you. People keep pressuring me to invest in real estate but I've been holding off for the same reasons you explain and I'm relieved to hear it from someone credible like yourself.

  • Duke Daradar

    I really admire your videos Dan, im kinda stuck in life right now and I'm one of the luckiest person to see your videos, before we dont have internet so the only thing we can do is to talk to the person in real life which is miles apart, here you are just one click away, I will start my new work 2 weeks from now and plan to learn about investing little amount of money or where to start as im 23 and i think i underachieve.

  • Wealthbuilderz TV

    I agree with you. If your struggling now it’s going to be hard to grow your portfolio when you get one property.

  • Simply Kaori

    Thank you Sifu. Now the hardest part is to know what business to start and to follow a particular trend, to create a product or provide a service that will distinguish yourself from everybody else.

  • JD Alfonso Art

    Really great advice Dan. Wished I knew this before investing in real estate. I have 2 properties I'm paying off now. But I'm currently building my business / high income skills.

  • Robin Colbert

    Just a short message to thank you for the content you bring and the benefits that I keep from your videos.
    I don't comment very often, but I find it important to be grateful.
    Keep up your work, it is so helpful for all of us.

    Now, I'd like to bring value to you too.
    I am working in a big communications agency in France, and I have the tools and the skills to help you grow your audience over here.
    If that is the path that you want to take, I am your man.


  • my gaming

    Hey Dan Lok i like how you motivate and answers people question about investing in real estate you are amazing sir

    I want to ask something:
    Im still young at 16-17 years old and i want to start investing my money instead of saving it do you have tips or tricks or something like a beginner's guide on investing im still kinda new with this stuff but i want to try it

    Sorry if my english is poor

  • goodgirlsguide

    Wow! Your channel has grown so quickly in the last 8 months – I remember you just hitting 100K at the new year. Well don Dan! When are you coming to the UK?

  • Gazan moideen

    sir.its the first time i am seeing your video.after seeing your biography it makes me inspired.thank you for such videos.i have subscribe your channel.keep on the good work

  • Mystic Chris

    Thank you for all the advices you have given everyone on YouTube watching your videos and I want to say that I am 17 years old and your videos have been why I view the world around me in a different way keep up the great work🙏🏻

  • I wear deeja KGKIYHH

    Dan, when planning our future do we need to plan it like a brancing tree? Like if that happens then i go the other branch or linearly and try to follow it as much as possible?

  • Manuel Fernando

    Makes sense, Ive been thinking on the same lines now you just confirmed the fact….but sometimes u will find amazing deals that wont come rarely those once u gotta take cos they WIll make y money short term and long term

  • Mohammad Imran

    You are right absolutely i strted business in real estate i made money but i am still stuck what to do now dont know

  • David Kolinsky

    Hi, I'm 19 years old guy and I'm from the Czech Republic. My question is: Does make sense to buy HTC course when my english is not too good for quality phone call? I can translate most of yours videos but I cannot speak fluntly in business area. Thank you very much for your real life experinces and informations which you are taking on the internet.

  • jibberjabber4500

    you are hundred percent right. i buy my product and sell it with 500 or 600 percent profit in matter of days. what investment can bring you that kinda return? best investment is in your own business

  • Rainer Molla

    Gotta Disagree Dan. I personally started as a dishwasher in 2008 making 7$/hr. Bought my first property that year after getting fired (645k 14 units with 75k down in Montreal, in which I borrowed 20k from friends and families). Today, I scaled that business to 20M$, 125 units, in a span of 10 years. Haven't been employed since. Point is, I didn't have "so much $" coming in initially until 2013.

    You can start with low capital depending on the market you're in, and then make your way up.

  • Shervin Mohammadian

    It's great to buy real estate when you have financial stability, not necessarily rich! 😉 Property values do appreciate over time, and if you wait too long you can be priced out too! Also, when everyone is running away, buy more, at your price 🙂 !!!

  • edna covey

    Income lesson:  Fast way to create wealth / large net worth = 1) build scalable business first, the 2) put EXTRA cash into high return investment i.e. real estate.

  • Rob Grootjen

    Hey Dan. Can you make a video about the best skills you need to know in this day to day live? For example sales, coaching, six sigma, coding. What is your opinion? Really would like to know what you think about current or future skills. Thanks in advance. RG

  • Emma Matthews

    I’m focussed on building my high income skills, then my business is next on the list. Thanks for the wisdom Sifu

  • will carr

    1st High income skill 2nd Scalable business 3rd High I take it that's only possible for me if I stick to one idea for a long time

  • Nic Cress

    Hey dan, you should maybe mention wholesale. Gives people with no money a chance to produce some income and get their foot in the game with real estate investing. Good video!

  • No Face

    19 years old and still learning. Need a mentor that is really really wealthy because that way iknow he has experience and has actually already done the stages that he talks about. Thanks Dan!!!!

  • Darkdestroyer

    Where do I invest or where do I start? I’m new and don’t even know where to start, we’ll I kinda started with the stash app but idk if that’s even good investing.

  • Ginger Barley

    What advice do you have if someone says that he/she is surrounded by low level mentality and needs a way out through entrepreneurship?

  • Luarue P

    I do agree with Danś concept because that was exactly how I feel when I sold my house 15 years ago. I used those funds from the sale of my home to start a business. At that time I was also thinking maybe using part of the money buying a small apartment while starting a new business but I didnt because I was concerned with the cash flow. I guess it was a huge mistake!!! My business didn´t go well now I ended up with heavy debts and no real assets. So if I can replay the whole thing….I will buy a piece of property no matter what .

  • Alfie Chua

    My dad in law had given me and my wife 2 properties one to live in and one to rent out. My sis in law also has 2 and my bro inlaw.. till now juz out my curiousity dying to know my dad inlawz net worth. Any ideas Dan?

  • ney war

    sir please tell about stock market also…is it better than real friends and many advisor forces me to invest in stock market..

  • Katharsis540

    Agree. Start business well then invest into real estate and everyone should because everyone should own their home to only pay utility bills and food, secondly I agree yes even if your business fails hey you still got a roof over your head you own and the real estate positive income.

  • Nicholas Mirante

    I found this interesting in how you view flips. I know a gentleman that this past year has made over 1million profit in flips. On average, he makes 50k to 100k per flip.

  • Anabel Nove

    I disagree kinda because real estate is great for someone that’s looking for steady income if they have that extra money hanging around. if it’s in the bank anyways then just invest it in Realestate. Great for low risk takers. You’re paying rent anyways then why not pay into your future pocket? Obviously there’s still some risk but much smaller and mindless then a business.

  • Dennisrepetiton Miskowski

    Then as usual I always love your videos but I think that there is a beautiful way to make money in real estate with not much money but I love your advice to have a high pain other source of income it has helped me tremendously as I was in debt around $300,000 and I am now only approximately $30,000 in debt I will be seeing you soon my money doubles probably every 6 months I would love to talk to you more about how we can learn from each other I appreciate your videos and please contact me to repay the favor of learning look up my name before you contact me see who I am thanks and as usual you're doing a great job

  • Christina Mek

    Hello mr. Dan, i am enjoying your videos from a while, very useful tips. Well i moved to a new country for a new start, was obliged to leave my job and tryed to invest my house by giving it for rent to cover the house loan and to have an income. Unfortunantly, the renter wants to leave it telling that the roof doesn't fit him. Now i am stucked didn't have enough time to settle in the new country and begin a job. What do you suggest?? I feel like i am in front of banckrupcy!! Sell it?? Not the perfect timing coz it's in middle east. Or…

  • Aishath Suha

    I agreed with you investing is best is best in long term and you do not have money then you get broke on realstate

  • Mang Lyanzaw

    What type of business do u recommend sifu, and does it not contradict with Roberts teaching? Correct me if I'm wrong and I'm not against you.

  • Metal Bum

    Agreed. For now silver and gold is easier way to store value for now. When you get tons of millions you buy the real estate.

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