Real Estate Investing Outside of the USA
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Real Estate Investing Outside of the USA

You know, so many of you are watching
these videos outside the country of America, right? And a lot of you have
questions on how to invest in real estate where you live or can you invest
your money in the United States and today I plan on answering that question. Alright, shout out to all my limitless
friends out there. Many of you are writing questions saying, “Kris, how do I
invest in real estate if I live outside the United States?” This is fair because
there’s a lot of you living around the country outside of the United States and
you’re wanting to know how do I really do this? I think the best way for me to
do this is to just transplant myself into your shoes, into your country. If I
woke up one day in Brazil or Argentina or Japan or Australia or Canada, anywhere
else in the world and you’re wanting to know how would I invest in real estate?
Listen, the principles that I’m teaching you are identical. The laws of
the land are going to be a little bit different and you’re going to have some
governments that aren’t going to be favoring you as much as others when it
comes to investing and being a landlord or owning property but in general, when
it comes to real estate, the same principles apply which is namely number
one, how do I begin controlling real estate? Not buying real estate, not using
my money, not using my credit, how do I control real estate? See, the people that
make money in real estate are those that control the asset. It’s not about whether
it’s paid off, it doesn’t matter who technically even owns it, it’s who’s
controlling it and here’s what that means.. When I buy property, number one, I’m
looking for a property that I can buy that has an equity position. Now remember
what equity is, the property is worth this much and I’m buying it for this
much and there’s a margin there that if I control it, I get to access in time so
if I buy a property for a hundred thousand units, whatever your currency is,
and it’s worth 150 thousand units then a third of that property is equity and I
want to control that. Now by the way, that disparagement will usually mean higher
cash flows. So now I’ve got my equity, now I’m going for controlling the
property generally leasing it out or selling it to make some money on it.
Usually, I like to hold property for a period of time and cash flow, it’s because
when I’m just starting out, I want to produce a residual income so I’ve got an
equity play, now I’ve got a cash flow play, now the next thing I want to do in
controlling that property is figure out when do I really want to sell this
property so that I can get the gains and put it into more assets? How are you
going to do this as with seller financing? This is my lease option course that I
teach by the way. The laws of the land will be a different a little bit
different where you live but ultimately, it’s a contract that says this is your
property, you don’t want this property, I want this property, I will take care of
it, I’ll manage it, I’ll put tenants in it, I’m physically financially responsible for
it and as a result, I want to make money above and beyond whatever it says
that I owe you. Watch some of the Lease Option videos if you want to get more of what I
mean on that but basically it comes down to
there’s property out here, there’s a way to make that property sing, there’s a way
to make it make money, there’s a way to put renters in it and tenants in it,
there’s a way to put commercial people in there for their business uses and
purposes and ultimately how do I control this property? How do I sell it and how
do I make money? In my world, I don’t have to. If I were in Brazil, I would own
property within 30 days and the reason why is because I don’t have to be a
citizen, I don’t have to use my credit and I don’t have to use my money. I just have
to look at a property that someone is not managing well and bring an idea like
my Lease Option to the table they can improve upon what they’re doing and I
want to get a slice of the pie for making that happen so that’s what I
teach my lease option course and frankly, that is probably what I would do if I
woke up in any one of your countries and you’re saying, okay, Kris help me. What
should I do? It really just comes down to what you’re doing right now. Be a
subscriber here, watch these videos and learn what you can about real estate.
There’s a certain amount of real estate knowledge and language that you need to
command. Once you have it, then it’s time to take action and get out there and
friends, it’s really so simple, buy low, sell high. If I’m buying low to hold it
and rent it for a period of time, I’m going to get cash flow in the meantime and
I’m going to sell it, I’m going to make all my gains or I could buy it today and I
could sell it tomorrow and I’m going to get my gains. Controlling assets, controlling
real estate is what I would do anywhere in the world. Now some of you are also
asking, well Kris, what if I have money, how do I bring that money into the
United States? There are ways of doing this and it usually needs to happen with
a partner. A partner it is you know, for example, if you partnered with me, this is
a hypothetical. If I’m a citizen and I’ve got the credit and I’ve got all of the
rights to buy property here then we’re business partners and the money comes in
to me and then I get to go and invest that money and then whatever is made,
we’re then doing some kind of split on. That’s really a shortcut to concept of
green card, building credit which can take a couple of years and doing some
different things like that and for me, I’m all about shortcuts as long as
they’re researched and done the right way. So if you live outside of the United
States, first of all, you got to ask, is real estate working good in my country
or do I need to go to America or a different country or if it works in my
country then how do I apply the principles here and then take them into
my backyard? The last thing I would recommend is that I think is going
to be really important is find a way to get in touch with
investors in your own country, find the ones that are successful, take the
knowledge you’re learning here, take the principles and then just learn and adapt
to your specific laws of the land. Ironically, most of the world, most of the
way I do real estate works in most countries but there’s going to be some
nuances, there’s going to be some changes and you need to become familiar with
that. Doesn’t mean you need to hire a lawyer but you should get
with someone that is experienced and knowledgeable. For people that want
invest here in the United States, I’m the experienced and knowledgeable
one that can take you into the best markets and make that happen.
Find that person where you live if you want to invest in your backyard. Hey,
thanks for watching today’s video. Make sure that you subscribe, we got a lot
more training coming your way to really unlock how you can be successful at
doing real estate right now where you live.


  • HarmyGaming

    here in the Netherlands it is very difficult to make a lot of money because we have a lot of rules here and a 21 percent tax literally almost on everything …😅

  • business freak

    hi kris, I am very passionate about real estate, but in my country story is difference here people don't rent houses,they build their own houses using all the money they earn throughout their life and keep them for their chidren I would like to immigrate to US but what are the qualification I need to have to immigrate to US ? please tell me if you don't mind.

  • Sahil Thacker

    Hi! I’m Sahil, i got to here that buying a house with equity is considered to be a fraud, because banks are going to check whether you bought a property with the exact numbers the seller is selling for (purchase price) but not seeking through market value. Kris help me here in this situation, please create a video about discussing this topic, do the laws are different in different countries? Please this is really important topic and is that true Kris? I need an answer from you Kris. Please Reply,
    Your friend Sahil.

  • BoiiBoii Features

    If you have money and want to invest in middle U.S. let me know. I'm have the basic knowledge in real estate and still learning. Although, I know people to get you a good house. We need to meet in person and talk more if you want to invest in the US while living in a different country. If you provide the money I'll provide the knowledge and network.

  • Mike Drav

    Kris how would you go about acquiring a house to rent out in Texas were lease options arent really an option? I was thinking sub2 but then theres always the chance the loan is called.

  • Elementar

    I don't believe you can do it very well in Brazil, you can flip if you buy it with equity value, but interest is kinda high for cash flow. Here rents are at best 0.5% a month, fix investments like bonds and others can get you 8% to 10% yearly. Interest for financing real estate are not low also, for investing i would say about 10% a year. You can make money, but there better investments for sure.

  • Online Shit

    Kris im 15 and i swear if you can tell me how you and i can meet in Germany because i live here ill make a deal eventho im 15

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