Real Estate Investing in India
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Real Estate Investing in India

Hey friends, we’ve got a lot of fans on
this channel in India. So today, we want to talk about if you’re in India, how do
you start investing in real estate? Hey, friends Stephen Michael Miller here and
I wanted to address how do I do real estate in India? I know we’ve got a lot
of fans out there in India and as I’m doing some research here, because I’ve
never actually bought homes in India so as I’ve been doing some research here,
I’m starting to understand I think why we’ve got a lot of you that are coming
on board and learning from Kris and I. There’s a lot of confusion
that’s happening right now in India. Actually and this is not a knock
at all on on the country or the people or anything like that. But there are a
lot of new regulations that have been coming around. Those of you that are in
India, that live in India you’re probably aware you’re feeling. Some of these
different regulations that have been coming down the pipeline. The Real Estate
Regulation Act that just came out. It’s still unsettled as to how that’s
going to really affect the private sector as well as the commercial sector
in real estate. The Goods and Service Act, the GST. That
was really put in place to make more things transparent which I think there’s
a lot of positive thought that that will be good. But a lot of things are still
unsettled and I think because of that, there’s been a huge desire for the
people in India to really want to put their money in the right places. Not to
mention several things that have even happened over the past several years. The
demonetization of the RS 500 and RS 1000 bills. And different things like
that there it’s created some uncertainty in the marketplace. And it’s really got a
lot of people wondering where do I put my money? What is the best thing for me
to do and where do I want to be investing? Well, as I’ve been doing some
research and just looking up a few different things you know I started
typing in some questions into Google which is what I often do. And I’ll
actually… let’s see go back to my Google search here. I just
put in India real estate market 2018. Just like you can see right here on my
screen and you know, there’s a lot of different articles going around. There
some different property price trends and forecasts for different areas.
You can look at emerging trends in the real estate arena. Different trouble that
India is experiencing right now in the real estate market. So you can go on a
lot of different things. There’s a question and answer, I’m not sure how to
say it Quora, Quora? Do you know what that is? Quora. So Quora. If you look at Quora, you
know it’s just a kind of a question/answer thing where people can
can put in their answers. I clicked on that real quick to just kind of get a
brief idea. And we had a lot of people that were kind of chiming in and talking
about different things. But this question right here. This comment
right here about affordable housing. I actually saw an another article over
here in I think was here with magic bricks talking about affordable housing.
There’s been some different regulations that have been happening in
India to bring greater and better affordable housing to the masses, right?
There are a lot of luxury type of villas and homes and condos and things
that have been built in India for a number of years with a lot of attention
being pulled away from some of the people that need it the most. So there’s
been a huge kind of divergence or I should say there’s been a huge now pull
into the affordable housing arena and that may be one arena that would be
worth looking at. There talked about a lot of different projects that are now
creeping up in the affordable housing arena and a lot of smaller groups that
are getting involved in the affordable housing arena as well. So you don’t
necessarily need to be I guess this massive conglomerate bringing millions
and millions and millions of dollars to the table to play anymore. You could be
maybe even a smaller individual with smaller capital assets and begin
playing in the affordable housing arena. As I’m looking at again I’m not the
expert here necessarily in India but as I’ve been doing some research and
looking into it, it looks like the affordable housing market may be the one
to get into if you’re looking at doing real estate in India.
But if you’re like hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of others in India
right now that are saying where do I put my money and is there somewhere else
that I can put it? Let me just talk to that real quick.
Obviously, I’ve had at Chris and I have both had lots of years of experience
here in the US. Over the last decade, actually over the last 15 years, we’ve
been doing real estate. We’ve been able to help a lot of people over the last
decade in particular. We’ve helped over… We’ve helped thousands of people
purchase a little over 3,500 homes, single-family homes, that’s been our
forte. And it’s been an amazing journey. And as I’ve been doing this and as we’ve
grown and gotten a greater presence here on YouTube. And as people all around the
world have been reaching out to us and specifically now people in India have
been reaching out saying, “hey, I want to do real estate. How do I best put my
resources to use for myself. Real estate in America is an option. It’s something
that people can do. Even if you don’t live here.
There are ways, there are things that you can do to purchase real estate here in
America. One of those things that you can do is to partner finding a credit
partner here in America that you can that you can do real estate with. There
are other things that you can do as you know as a citizen of a different country
to be able to purchase real estate in America. It’s more complicated obviously
than if you had citizenship or a working visa or something like that here in
America. But for those that have money that they like to place in the USA,
that would like to buy real estate. Maybe you know get several homes here in the
USA, there are things that you can do to do that. So I just say you know again
if you’re looking at doing real estate in India from my limited knowledge of
what I’m looking at what I’m seeing here. There are still some turbulence.
There’s still some unknown in India but it looks like the affordable housing
market could be a good place to start. And if you’re looking at putting your
money in real estate outside of India, I would say the US is one of the best
places that you can do that. As a matter of fact, we’ve had people from all across
the world reach out to us, wanting to buy real estate in the US. Obviously, the
US land wise is a massive, massive country. But also
because of some of the benefits that real estate can offer, when done right,
when you can find homes that are priced below the median, when you could find
homes that are cash willing for you, the US is really attractive in a
lot of those different things. So one thing that Kris and I have started to
do that we’ve really never done much before in the past, is we’ve begun
looking for individuals who we can partner with. Who we can use our
expertise and we can actually do real estate. I mean we’ve got our different
programs and systems, we teach people how to do it and people that want to really
get out there, do it on their own. But for individuals that say, “hey, I’ve got the
capital but I don’t have the wherewithal. I don’t know exactly what to do and
quite frankly, maybe I’m out of the country
and don’t really want to manage that whole process.” There are there are
occasions where Kris and I have partnered with individuals and
could be willing to do that. So I just want to throw out some different options
and some different ideas. Maybe that you haven’t had before. So as you’re looking
in India to either do real estate there or do real estate other places, if you’d
like to get some more information and if you’d like to meet with our team, you can
absolutely do that. We’ll give you some opportunities to
figure out how to do that. But no matter what you do, my recommendation is to get
started. Do some research, dive in. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time
really you know we live in a day and age where technology is amazing. We have all
the information in the world at our fingertips and you’re here learning from
this video right now. Go on to Google, go on to some other sources, some other
sites and learn what are some of those best things that you can do in
your country in India, specifically here and then take some action. Move forward
if that actually looks like finding a partner, don’t find your partner. If that
actually looks like actually buying real estate in India do that. Start
there. Look into what that looks like. If you’re going into the affordable housing
arena, start doing some research on what you need to get into that game and
begin playing and if that research brings to do some real estate out
in America, if you’d like to partner then come and find out how that would work as well.


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