Real Estate: Buying, Selling & Renting : How to Find a Good Realtor
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Real Estate: Buying, Selling & Renting : How to Find a Good Realtor

Hello, my name is Penny Smith. And I’m a North
Carolina real estate broker. Topic today is how to find a good Realtor. Well the keyword
is Realtor. Make sure you have a Realtor who is affiliated with the National Association
of Realtors. They hold then accountable with a code of ethics law that would be on a benefit
for you. To find a Realtor you need to basically go interview. Realtors work for you. You need
to look at it as they work for you and you are doing the interview to hire someone to
work for you. Ask for a resume. Ask for the background. Ask what they’ve done, how they’ve
done it. Personally I do not recommend hiring the most well known Realtor in your area,
someone who does multi million, million, million, million dollars worth of business every year
because then you are just simply a number to them. You will have no personalized service.
But you need to find someone that’s experienced. You don’t want a fresh newbie right out of
the block that doesn’t know what they’re doing. You need to find someone that does anywhere
to five to seven million dollars worth of real estate a year. And they have been in
the business at leas five to ten years. So that you will have the personalized service,
a personalized expertise of their knowledge. And you’ll be able to reach them and get an
answer every time instead of reaching their secretary. Because if they make anywhere from;
sell anywhere from five to seven million dollars a year, they know that they’re doing number
one. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. But they’re not so busy that they can’t take
your call themselves. And that’s my recommendations on how to hire a good Realtor to represent
you. Thank you and I hope you have a good day.

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  • The Firehill Group: More than just real estate.

    Code of Ethics law? The NAR Code of Ethics is NOT law. That said, only 2 of the 17 articles in the code are NOT covered by law. [#3 cooperate with other brokers and #17 arbitration/mediation rights during a dispute are not covered in Virginia law]. In fact, Virginia state law and US Code is often MORE strict than the Code of Ethics.

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