Real Estate Broker’s Guide to One Upping Your Competition | Ryan Serhant Vlog #29
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Real Estate Broker’s Guide to One Upping Your Competition | Ryan Serhant Vlog #29

subscribe to pewdiepie You kind of forget that you’re on an island You forget about all the water Maybe because the water is so gross, but we’re early for our appointment at this building right there three-sixty URIs sitting over there Taking photos of the water cuz he loves the water and I’m managing the team for the morning So typically before my first appointment every morning I’ll get there 15 20 30 minutes early and I’ll pick back up from where I started emails at around 5:00 5:30 a.m. And I’ll be on top of the team So all my appointments for the day touching base with all the agents Touching base with all of my admin who are Jordan Yolanda Shannon, Kristen Morgan URI a little bit Although I know where he is at all times unless he secretly drives uber when I’m in appointments and I built the team in such a point where It kind of is like a living breathing organism It’s not just me. All right, that was my goal from the beginning. I saw all these brokers 80,000 in New York City and I said Okay, all of these agents for the most part are independent contractors who do their own business all day long Maybe they have one partner one assistant maybe an intern in the summers in trade for school credit But they can only be in so many places at one time So, how do they leverage how do they grow? How do they? How do they do anything more than what they can do during the day and we talk about it all the time But I want to make sure that only I do What I can do every day. So this is a pitch for an apartment only I can do that after this I have accountant meetings only I can do that. I’ve developer meetings only I can do that Everything else should be team and should be my leverage should be the tentacles to my octopus if you could see through this one building here, you’d see a building called 99 John Street, which we talk about all the time and that was my first project ever and in that building one day his little girl and her mom come through they buy an apartment and the little girl was named Yolanda and Yolanda then came to me and said I want to intern she didn’t sound like that. She was like Turn I do not sound like that and I was not that little I was a good 19 20 years old Basically a grown-ass person And I said, I’ve never had an intern before I’m just kind of by myself the real estate agent That’s how you do things. You work by yourself Say well I want to intern I said, okay I maybe I can use some help and I saw within a couple days the power of leverage in people the ability to use People to do more and it’s not one plus one equals double the business. It’s one plus one equals quadruple the business That’s how the map has to work Otherwise, you’re not working with the right people and everything that is now in the book And by the way, if you haven’t pre-ordered the book go to sell like Serhant calm right now if you order the book All right, I gotta go Hot town summer in the city Oh play that song in this one When we talk about die hard with a vengeance the beginning with the big explosion It’s like hot town summer in the city something something something something so pretty Down is knitted to be We get Boxes are heavier than they look Taking over a lot of new projects right now Two of them are in Brooklyn. So I’m gonna drop off these floor plans. Let’s go. Oh Yeah, I’m gonna meet five new people every day I Didn’t technically meet that guy as I said Oh hello because he was coming out and I was going in so he doesn’t really count he was gonna be weird They did it cuz I’m with the guy dressed in all black with a video camera pointed at everyone’s face Sure. Yeah, I think that’s why people get less severe. It looks Accident an accident just happened while waiting for URI How’s that possible Kind of let’s take a gang. I just get it What are four signs that you need to let a deal go Yeah, yeah I give up but like like it’s over, you know like When you want the deal more than the person making the purchase I Feel like I always want it more than the buyer though a 66 North 3rd 2nd floor. No big that floor plan is Well paper did you want This gets the job done no looks like someone drove on it Got it Lobby looks good. Did you guys do the lobby tour? Okay There’s only one of these units though, right? There’s two there’s two there’s one on one 102 both have outdoor space The one next door actually has more outdoor space you can app you can see it through there. Yeah We’ll go over there next so both of these are available plus the penthouse yeah this is a light well all the way down or Okay, interesting But it’s still not a legal bedroom, right Right like it’s important there’s just too much space to kind of have an understanding what you can do in here, you know Yeah, it’s good about a space it’s just overwhelming I think for people There you are come look So So we’re having this fully staged this one of the pent houses on the market for three million It’s got a nice outdoor space here, and it’s got a nice roof deck upstairs It’s two buildings 62 and 66 North third, but what I love so much and we focus a lot on this vlog before Is the domino effect power of business for me and how one little thing goes to ones Bigger thing goes to a little bit of bigger thing than a little bit of a bigger thing And that’s 180 for Kent right there. That’s awesome nickels house see that huge white building on the water Got that and now I’m here. What did we talk about in season one? We stood at McCarran Park. I was talking about how a little project in the East Village got me this project in Greenpoint Which got me this and this and this and this and this and now here we are standing out there and now I’m here And now we’re gonna go to 145 Carroll Gardens, which is new you were just at 535 Lorimer Which is new new new new new new My whole life has just focused on growth growth growth if you were not growing you were fuckin dying Because I didn’t know I’d be selling all of this in Brooklyn. I didn’t know I’d be selling all of that in Manhattan And I just kept saying yes to opportunity. So here we are In a nice suit sweating my ass off on a roof deck I have to sell All right to the next We climbed into the You want for me a small what else to say you only 22 nothing to do all day Your hips With a brat sitting here by yourself I’m doing I’m doing comps. Alright for our Sunday pitch. It’s Friday afternoon. I Leave in 15 minutes. Yes, but you’re by yourself. No one else is here. It’s Friday afternoon How’s your headache It’s better. Okay, it’s not fair. It says something so we took every check Commission check from 2017 I gave them the Christian sevens and had her turn it all into Art art piece It says if you want a normal life get a normal job and she signed it and so we’re gonna make one every year Right every year. We’ll sell more and more every year Yeah. Oh, I just noticed this she put a blank Kristen Simmons art check on here. That is hilarious That’s so funny it’s just a 2017 That’s why I put it here. So that everyone can see that this is what the work equals There’s some big checks on here. This one’s 680,000 This one’s 480,000 just gonna not be a vlogger anymore my realtor just 322. Are you not showing any more? Zoomed in on this. Oh that one two three twenty-five There’s this one 205 This is just over 800 million dollars worth of of closings turned into Commission jacks You see this for the first time There all the Commission checks for 2017 One of the best things anyone taught me was listen If you’re not from New York If you don’t know anyone if you’re just learning the one thing you have over everybody else is hard work The one thing you can do that no one else can take from you is hard work If you work harder and you work longer hours and you work more days than everybody else Eventually, you will catch up and eventually you will surpass them because everybody else has to go to the movies They have to go to the Hamptons. They have to go to the beach. They want to sleep you want to hang out on the tan they want to do whatever they want to do and It’s only your fault Meaning it’s only my fault if I don’t take advantage of their downtime and make that my uptime the minute they take downtime So get up Use it use it as your uptime to take advantage of the moments you have because the only thing we have is time The only thing I have is time that’s why I’m here Friday. It’s a late afternoon. So Brad’s here. It’s like Jenna’s here That’s why I put up that Czech art so that everyone could walk by and they could see That’s the money that we all made as a team in 2017 how many of those checks are from my deals? What’s my market share from those team closings and how can my market share be greater this year in 2018? Maybe I shouldn’t go home at 3 p.m. On Friday in August I don’t care if that sounds mean if it sounds fucking crazy if it sounds like I need a life I have an amazing life. I love my life. He’s actually falling asleep. Wait, do we see? You? Know what? I think this vlog needs to be Hand waves over here listening to me rant and he’s getting really really really sleepy because it’s Friday and it’s August So let’s show him way hand way Yeah Wait is Friday. You want to go home? Yeah, yeah What am I gonna do? What are you to do go home? Are you really? No, you’re not. No, he’s not. He’s not going to you know, what I’m gonna end this vlog Work hard bring August back. Thank you for watching link subscribe, you know what to do It’s all good. I’m tired man. What was I just saying like Like subscribe best vlog ever. I love you all. I’ll see you next time Wow remember Since I was


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