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Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike


  • John McElroy

    You got my sub doc! The only thing I want to say is, try telling us not if something on a show rarely happens but if it is POSSIBLE to happen! It may never happen actually but if it is possible to happen even 1 in a million then it is credible! Of course nobody expects reality from these shows but the more credible they are the more truthful they will be.

  • Janet Powell RN

    Hey there Doctor Mike! You have got me yelling “CHEST COMPRESSIONS! CHEST COMPRESSIONS! CHEST COMPRESSIONS! At these medical drama/comedys. LOL! As a RN (18 years in an ICU/CCU) I drive my daughter crazy with my critiques of these shows! 😂

  • Ihala Kakani

    This is what the show about, a TV show must be written about a unique person, House hates rules and he was fired from 4 hospitals before this hospital, and the dean loses money because of him .. he saves a lot of lives by chance .. I know it's impossible but it's a show it has to be Entertaining and not having a lot of details .. but people must be awake of this point .. and by the way everybody in that hospital hates him and having your opinion too .. there is nothing wrong with the show

  • Reed Cunningham

    Dude It's Greg House, plus this is a tv show don't take Hous's personality into so much consideration. You should watch it to get it.

  • Obser Vant

    The good doctor's reaction to House's ethics is, hilariously, the same reaction as that of the doctors that House and his team encountered for the rest of the series. Exactly the same surprised indignation and unbelieving disbelief. I suggest you watch more of it, doc. It may not be easy for you as a doctor, but as far as entertainment goes, it's fun to watch the series!

  • Margaret Mehaffie

    "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras.." As I was born 47 years ago with myelomeningocele Spina Bifida, I've come to hate that statement.. Lol Most of the issues I pop up with doctors have to look up in a book..

  • jbr496

    I'm not a doctor but even I picked up on the why are they giving radiation treatment if they hadn't confirmed a tumor scene. This was a very interesting and entertaining video.

  • Gregory Willett

    Oh wow. It’s really great to see a jab at Fibromyalgia in the very first episode. AND they even made sure to work in that a placebo would work and that the Fibro pain is “all in the mind.” Nice work writers…that’ll show those “annoying” chronic pain patients a thing or two and make them think twice about asking a doctor for help.

  • テェぺシュヴラッド

    From someone who's had cancer, the first thing that was done was an X-ray by my PCP (primary care physician), because it was not determined yet what the issue was, which then revealed a large mass behind the sternum.
    Secondly, the large mass needed to be biopsied, and then was later determined to be Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
    Ways to detect and then monitor cancer is by PET scan, CT scan, and/or by blood analysis. PET scan's have less resolution, but provide a color diagnostic for temperature variation. CT scan can provide a detailed resolution, but do not provide a color diagnostic for temperature variation. (the purpose of temperature has to do with cancer cells being very hot) Note that with CT scans, there is risk of radiation exposure much like X-rays, however, with treating cancer I had more than seven in my life over the course of a decade. There is something (can't recall what it is called) an oncologist can look for in your blood analysis, once you are diagnosed with cancer, that will appear elevated, and decrease as your cancer treatment begins to work.
    Got better, and went into remission once I had an Autologous Stem-Cell Transplant. Been in remission for the better part of a decade now.

  • Sjf Saphire

    I'm not gonna lie. I'm sure this guy has a million strange flirts… but let's be real for a moment. He is probably married with kids.

    Respect is so important now. There is too much going on on the world. They dont need flirts. I hope he makes it to the top and helps all he can.

  • Serenity Keller

    My boyfriend has different types of small seizures because of his epilepsy how I can I tell the different ones apart sometimes he has oras or bigger ones

  • Lisa Mitchem

    hahahahhaha Your reactions to these shows are priceless!!!! Just introduced these to my bestie this morning… she LOVES them as well. Do another House Episode . 😀 😀 😀

  • Diana Milette

    Cysticercosis is due to the ingestion of the eggs not the tapeworm itself it means It comes from human feces (fecal contamination of food or water for example) , and even though the brain Is their fav place to stay, It is very likely to be found in muscles

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