[Real 2PM My House] Introduce Catsitter Junho’s House
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[Real 2PM My House] Introduce Catsitter Junho’s House

It’s my house Maybe it’s the first time to publicize my house in the broadcast. I will show a part of it for my HOTTEST I get inside through the door It’s an entrance. You can see painting and figures This painting is from Wooyoung for housewarming. It’s really cute and pretty… Ah, there are my owners. They are almost the There are 쟈니 and 월이. 쟈니 and 월이, your daddy is back Hello. This is 월이 월이 has no interest to father. Even looking prim 쟈니, give a greeting to here This is 월이. She’s running away It doesn’t mean 쟈니 is avoiding me 쟈니 is being cautious by looking the camera If you could see my selfies, 쟈니 and I are very close Firstly, my face is without makeup… and I have to go abroad for the schedule tomorrow… What happened, my baby? Why are you crying? Because your daddy was too busy to play with you? Professional with playing own tail 월이 has no time to get bored. Always play with one’s tail. I will go inside by carrying 쟈니 When I enter the house Chu Chu Go down I give greetings when I enter the house Hello? I arrive at the full-length mirror. I do workouts here or watch the mirror before leaving Nichkhun presented them for homewarming and birthday gift Say hello to each Yes. The living room is like this This is an exhibition space There are albums There are, too My house has a unique layout 쟈니 is faster than me Hello. My name is 쟈니 My daddy is so busy outside that he forget to play with me I cannot show now that 쟈니 is interested in the camera stick Hello Why You are so adorable, really It’s difficult to touch 월이. To touch 월이, 월이 is very prim that 월이 usually leaves when 쟈니 asks for playing together The moment I can touch and hug 월이 is while she is in sleep These are houses for 쟈니 and 월이 For the first time, they always stayed inside, but no more in nowadays I will open my workspace It’s been a half year but I couldn’t finish arrangement I couldn’t spend a enough time to arrange the house. This is all I can show you I usually do works in this workroom When I want to practice playing drums Usually I bend over my body to turn on the computer While I practice playing drums, In fact, this place is for my practice but mostly a playground for my kids I will play drums. I am not a really good drummer. I will play them. What’s the proper set? Oh, it works at once The reason to practice a music instrument is because it’s really hard. I wanted to learn something profoundly but I don’t have time This is the best to release my stress I work and write some songs I do many activities here. 월이 came She always avoids a person. 월이, let’s leave So far, you could see most of my house. Do you want to see the bedroom? I will enter the bedroom. My bedroom looks very cozy I will sleep for tomorrow’s schedule. 2PM is coming back and please give many loves to us Thank you.


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